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Devi underfloor heating helps you Save energy and money, offering you warm floors all year round

  2009-12-09         admin         Product News » Heating News
It is a well known by now that the costs for heating the home is quite high, especially during the cold months of the year. But check this out: used in the same bathroom for warming the tiles to offer a nice floor temperature, the Devi Floor heating solutions consumes approx 50KW/square meter/year(depending on the local climatic conditions and on the insulation of the building). This actually saves you a corresponding amount on your existing heating system.

The devimat heating mats are water-resistant, and they feature a safety screen under the outer sheath, connected to the electricity ground connection. The cost of a Devi Floor heating system(the devimats with the thermostats) is almost half the price of a water-based underfloor heating system(not to mention the complicated installation of the latter). In addition to the simple installation of the DEVI floor heating system, you can also save a good deal of money and effort on the installing of the DEVIMAT underfloor system by just fixing it on top of your existing floor. You don't need to take out the existing floor in the bathroom/living room/bedroom: just put the DEVI heating mats on top of the existing floor, and lay another floor on top of it!

In the case of the bathroom heated floor with the DEVI underfloor heating mats, if there are any water splashes or damp spots on the floor, they are being dried up pretty quickly - the floor is safe to walk on. And remember: All the DEVI floor heating is manufactured according to the IEC international standards - insuring you not only of the energy & money saving, but also protecting you by the authoritative standards.

Other Advantages of the Devimat Underfloor Heating System

  • The high standards of comfort obtained;
  • A strong and maintenance free heating solution for home;
  • Energy saving thermostat controlled heating solution;
  • A wide range of applications for the entire house;
  • Lower need for ventilation, energy saving;
  • A healthy and dry floor construction;
  • A deterrent against damp(dries any water spots/dampness);

What do you get in return for the money you spend on the Devimat underfloor heating mats?

Just imagine: being able to get a warm floor without going through the expenses, the dirt, and the fuss of having to break up and take out the old floor - all you need to do is have a complete heating system which takes up less than 10 to 15mm floor height including the new floor covering! This insures you have a warm floor all year round: a direct and fast reacting floor heating system ready for you to enjoy!

Whether your floor is made of timber, concrete, wood, laminate material, tiles, or even a terazzo surface - you don't need to take out the existing floor OR worry about the reducing of the floor heights/raising of the skirting boards: the devimat floor heating mats are installed within the thickness of the tile adhesives / floor height, adding no significant height to the floor level!

About the DEVI floorheating system

The DEVI underfloor heating mats are a Danish produced heating system consisting of the electrical devimat heating mats controlled by a devireg thermostats. The mats are supplied in a prefabricated kit format, and they are available in a range of different sizes(which can also be cut to fit the size you need) - with an amazingly simple way of installing it, and with no need for complex calculatios or complicated marking-out.

Save energy - by using not the regular heating system(which can consume a lot of KWs and still not heat up the room properly and continuously, not to mention the cold air at the feet level) - and money(by investing once for all in a totally controllable and customizable system of underfloor heating mats with a long term warranty) with the Devi Underfloor Heating Mats!

On our website, you can find the Devi manufactured heating mats and thermostats for wooden floors(timber floors), for concrete floors(tiled floors, concrete floors, hard floors, etc), and for laminate floors. Also, read more about the total floor heating solutions, the traditional heating vs the warm floors, housewarming with devimat, the perfect choice for well being, and comfortable and luxurious warm floors all year round!