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Devimat is the perfect choice for your well being, DEVI floor heating

  2009-06-05         admin         Product News » Heating News
The high quality mats as well as the full range of powerful electronic temperature controls make the DEVI floor heating the perfect choice for your ultimate comfort.

The Devimat solutions plus the Devireg thermostats = full value

The Devireg thermostats are developed in such a way to make sure you have full control of your overall room temperature. Integrated with Devimat as one complete solution, the Devireg thermostats ensure that you have the most comfortable indoor environment you could ever dream of.

Integrate your Devimat with the advanced Devireg thermostats and gain accurate control of both floor and room temperature.

All-round floor heating

Devimat cable mats work efficiently underneath all kinds of floor covering - ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles like marble, terrazzo, wooden parquet, wood laminates and any type of wall-to-wall carpet and linoleum. Whatever the covering, Devimat provides you with a nice and warm floor.

Devimat 10-year warranty

The Devimat comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty, covering not only the product, but also any possible associated cost. DEVI is the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heat cabling systems for room heating.

When fitting Devimat underneath wooden floors, it is important that you always follow the maximum temperature recommendations of the floor manufacturer to prevent malfunctions from occurring. This you can ensure by using a Devireg 535 or Devireg 550 timer/thermostat with temperature control.

Easy to plan – quick to install

In order to obtain the optimal floor heating solution it is important that you choose the correct Devimat to fit your needs – both in regards to size and wattage.

You do this quickly and simply by using a tape measure, pencil and paper – and by using the product programme on the back of this brochure.

How to choose the right Devimat

You start by measuring the free surface area in the room where you want to install Devimat and then draw a sketch of the room to ensure you have something to refer to during the installation of the heating mats.

Now choose the closest size of Devimat (always choose the closest MINOR size).

Depending on which type of floor you are building, you can choose Devimat DTIF in 100 or 150 W/m2. Devimat DTIF 100 with 100 W/m2 is optimally suited for wooden floors and DTIF 150 with 150 W/m2 is especially suited for fitting on top of concrete and below tiled floors.

Example(see the picture above): A bathroom is to be heated with Devimat as the only source of heat. The free space (i.e. the floor surface of the room minus toilet, bathtub, etc.) is calculated as 6.3 m2. The floor will be tiled and the base of the floor is concrete. The correct choice of Devimat is Devimat 150, 6.0 m2.

Choose the optimum DEVI thermostat

You can choose between four fully electronic thermostat series covering all requirements - from simple and precise permanent room control to intelligent, adaptive timer control.

The Devireg 130 series The Devireg 130 surface-mounted electronic thermostat is used for floor temperature regulation only, for instance: for applications where another heating source is supplying the room heat. The Devireg 130 ensures simple and precise control of electrical floor heating in rooms with all kinds of flooring.

The Devireg 530 series The built-in Devireg 530 thermostat is a classic, high-quality thermostat: simple to use, yet extremely precise electronic control. The 530 is the correct choice whenever timer controls are considered expendable, e.g. in a bathroom where users want a precise, fixed floor temperature 24 hours a day all year round.

The Devireg 535 The Devireg 535 is a digital thermostat that has three functions in one: floor sensor, room sensor or a combination of the two. The thermostat can be locked at a maximum temperature, which enables it to be used together with wooden flooring or with a minimum temperature so that a bathroom floor, for example, can always be kept at a fixed, comfortable minimum temperature. An IP 31 certification makes the 535 well suited for bathrooms and other wet rooms.

The Devireg 550 The Devireg 550 TimerThermostat is an intelligent timer-thermostat. The Devireg 550 work out for itself the time to turn on the heat to achieve the right temperature at the right time. Set the program for 22°C at 7 am and the 550 will make sure that the temperature is right at that time. During the year it will continually adjust itself to the climate situation. The Devireg 550 uses a sophisticated, unique regulator which enables it to work actively within comfort parameters, room temperature and economy in order to improve on comfort and – at the same time – save on energy.

Fitting your new Devimat in 6 simple steps

Fitting the Devimat is simple to do by yourself, should you choose to(see our other article about this). However, please bear in mind that all electrical connections must always be carried out by a qualified electrician. A step-by-step procedure is provided below to make it as easy as possible for you.

Step 1. Start by measuring the area where you want your floor heating. This way you can determine which size of Devimat you need. Always select a Devimat package that is slightly smaller than the floor area.

Step 2. Then cut a 10 mm wide groove into the floor and wall for the floor sensor and tube. The tube allows for easy removal of the floor sensor, if required. Glue the tube housing the floor sensor into the channel and seal the end of the pipe with duct tape.

Step 3. Before laying the self-adhesive mat, your existing floor should be clean and dry and primed if necessary. Once the mat has been tested, it can be rolled out and laid on the floor.

Step 4. On reaching the end of the mat run, simply cut the mesh, turn the mat and lay the next piece next to the first one. The red heating cable must NOT be cut. The mat can withstand 3-5 adjustments as long as you do not press the mat to the floor. When you are happy with the result, press the mat to the floor. Devimat will now adhere firmly to the surface.

Step 5. Cover with one layer of flexible tile adhesive/self-levelling compound and allow it to dry before tiling or lay the adhesive and tiles in one operation. A flexible adhesive and grout should always be used.

Step 6. Mount the new tiles on the adhesive. Joint the tiles and let the floor dry for two weeks before turning on the heating.

Facts about DEVI floor heating

  • DEVI provides a strong and completely maintenance-free heating system – without pipes, valves and radiators.
  • DEVIs heating cable mat, Devimat™, has been approved for use in wet rooms – also in shower cubicles.
  • A DEVI floor heating system uses less energy than radiators because the system exploits the thermal law of nature: Heat rises.
  • A DEVI floor heating system uses less energy than water-based floor heating systems because the thermostat controls the system very precisely.
  • A DEVI floor heating system which is used for all the heating in a well-insulated bathroom uses approx. 100 KwH/m2 per year.
  • If DEVI is used solely for comfort heating of the floor, consumption is approx. 50 KwH/m2 per year – at the same time consumption is reduced correspondingly on the rest of the heating system.
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