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Video Introducing DEVIreg Touch Thermostat: Intelligent and Effective!

Video Introducing DEVIreg Touch Thermostat: Intelligent and Effective!

  2013-03-07         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

Last year we were introducing the DEVIreg Touch screen intelligent thermostat, of which we once said that it is "possibly the best underfloor heating system if matched together with DEVImat".

Some of our readers and customers took our advice and gave the gift of toasty feet this past Christmas with the DEVI underfloor heating system.

For a further education on what the DEVIreg Touch thermostat can do, the people at Danfoss have put together a video with several cool features.

DEVIreg Touch Thermostat Video Intro

You can check out how this thermostat works - very similar to how all the touchscreen smartphones operate..

Here are some of the most appraised features of the Danfoss DEVIreg Touch screen thermostat, an innovation in the home automation and remote control for heating at home.

  • DEVI Intelligent Solutions with Lasting Effect.
  • Digital touch screen thermostat with all the setup functions available at the touch of the screen!
  • Touchdown on the easiest to use floor heating controller!
  • There are no call backs with DEVIreg Touch thermostat!
  • You can correctly and properly set up the thermostat in 30 seconds.
  • The timer can be customized according to the need in 30 seconds.
  • Fit the DEVIreg Touch into any frame system!
  • Troubleshooting: from 1000km away, over the internet, you can troubleshoot the thermostat.
  • Change the set up and timer in the thermostat by code.
  • The DEVIreg Touch thermostat will help you stop wasting energy when you are away - you can set up the away time, and it will make sure no energy is wasted!
  • You can install the DEVIreg Touch Android app to remotely control your underfloor heating system!
  • Smart. Easy. Reliable.
  • Stay in touch with your thermostat via the iPhone and mobile app or via internet.
You can purchase this innovative and intelligent touch screen thermostat via Sparks Electrical - either come in our showroom in Archway or visit the Underfloor Heating section on our website.