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Did You See the New Illuma High Powered LED Track Spotlights Video Presentation?

Did You See the New Illuma High Powered LED Track Spotlights Video Presentation?

  2014-03-07         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

A little over 1 week ago we had the privilege to be visited by someone at Illuma Lighting, and so we took this opportunity to have him filmed as he is introducing range after range from their fantastic offer.

LED spot lights, LED track spotlights, commercial and retail lighting systems, track systems, classical and innovative, you name it: Illuma is a brand everyone who's into track lighting and spotlights has heard of!

Without further due, here are the 6 minutes and 45 seconds of the video presentation (see notes below):

Introducing Illuma Rotaspot and Other LED Track Spotlights

  • The Lumapar range of spotlights, with adaptor for the single circuit track system: as simple as "click it and flip it in". Great for a cafe or bar lighting, hanging on the ceiling or track system.
  • Consistency of design: 15 years from now you will be able to change the fittings with a similar yet more updated track spotlight or fitting.
  • The Illuma Rocket spotlights: a bit of bezel (T425) with a good lumen output. Great for galleries and museums. It uses the latest LED technology.
  • The high-powered fittings, the Illuma Rotaspot: 2000lm, 3000lm, and 4500lm LED. It's a premium range, the best product Illuma does, both in white and black. Put it on the track, and then rotate it / adjust it at the angle you want: 90 degrees, 180 degrees. It goes around, and it allows you to rotate the head both ways. If you mount it on top of something, you can "hide the fitting" and still get the effective light it shines.
  • The Wing LED: similar to Rotaspot, with Phillips inside, but narrower depth and wider surface: a different design.
  • The Torp LED spotlight: has slightly more mobility, and it locks in at 190, 150, and 90 degrees.
  • The lighting pattern: high-powered LED, you get no "patches" but the light fades out smoothly. Smooth lighting in warm white, bringing out the greens and yellows. If people are involved, it is recommended to have a warm white lighting.
Please note: the above LED spots are no longer available; see the Illuma Gridspot 15WIlluma Rotaspot 31WIlluma Gridspot Anti-Glare 14.2W, and Illuma Probeam LED 14.1W. All of them can be found via Illuma Track Spotlights.

Buy Illuma Track LED Spots 

The best people to advise you on the LED spotlights, track systems, and high-power LED lights is, among others, Sparks Electrical Wholesalers.

With our apologies for the many background noises - this filming was ad-hoc, not planned - including the phone ringing (it's a "problem" we have daily) and other noises, we hope you enjoy their presentation as much as we do! And, we promise, we've got more to show you! More videos coming soon.