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Dim the Lights from the Couch Using the Rako Wireless Dimmer Controls

Dim the Lights from the Couch Using the Rako Wireless Dimmer Controls

  2012-11-26         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice,   Product News » Dimming Systems News

Rako dimmer switch and IR remote control

Lifehacker pointed us towards a guide to hacking your wall light switches to work with a universal remote control. And this just as Lighting Magazine predicts the lighting control industry to become an $8bn one by 2018. Commenter 'jnite' bemoans the whole situation:

In my day we had to get up and actually walk to the lights to turn them on and off... through six feet of snow.... walking uphill going and coming back.
As neat an idea as we read via LifeHacker, it requires a bit of technical know-how and an afternoon messing around with programming code.

Wireless Dimming is Possible With Less Hassle 

At Sparks Electrical we already have something like this: the Rako range of wireless dimming switches and controls (as well as the necessary drivers) are available with no coding experience necessary!

Simply install the dimming system and control the light level with the infra-red control.

What's more, Rako's functionality extends beyond what you can do with a clunky universal remote. The Rako system allows the user to set 'scenes' - preset light levels for an individual room, and store up to 64 of them in memory.

Control the Lights in the living room, the conference room, and anywhere in the house or the office with the Rako Controls wireless dimming solutions

The remote control can recall these at any time with a user-friendly colour display and 7-button operation.

Why get up and go all the way to the wall when you can control the lighting in your home with a remote control?