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Dimplex Electric Under-Tile Heater: complete with Mat and Floor Thermostat for 2 square metres

  2010-08-12         admin         Product News » Heating News
This set of electric under-tile heater from Dimplex - the Dimplex RTS2M - is now available(as stock lasts) via at a cheaper price than when you put together any other 2metres Underfloor Heating Mat + a Floor Thermostat! Warm up the floor in your house: whether in the living room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, etc - make sure the floor is warm all year round. The Dimplex RTS2M is a complete kit with the Mat and the Floor Thermostat - all you need to do is just install it!

Make your life comfortable and make it possible for you to walk on a warm floor in your conservatory, in your bathroom, or in your kitchen. The area covered by this specific set is 2 square metres(ex. 4.0m x 0.5m). The kit contains the heating mat with self-adhesive tapes and the thermostat with floor sensor wire and additional surface mounting frame.

Dimplex Electric Under-Tile Heating System - Features

Simple steps of installing the Dimplex RTS2M

  • Step 1: Prepare the floor surface with a plywood or insulation board;
  • Step 2: Lay the mats over the area to be heated;
  • Step 3: Install the floor temperature sensor;
  • Step 4: Install the thermostat(see the instructions);
  • Step 5: Make the electrical connections;
  • Step 6: Lay your tiles.
Note: What you will also need for this is an RCD Fused Spur outlet, and an insulated tile backer board 10mm minimum.

Dimplex RTS2M Electric Under-Tile Heater Technical Specs

  • Mat Dimensions: 2 square metres;
  • Area covered: 4.0m x 0.5m (total of 2 sq m);
  • Wattage: 320W;
  • Amps at 230Vac: 1/39A;
  • The Dimplex RTS2M Kit includes: - one heating mat with self-adhesive tapes; - one thermostat with floor sensor wire and additional surface mounting frame;
  • More Dimplex RTS2M technical specs + picture, dimensions, and price.
This cheaper Dimplex Electric under-tile heater is available as stock lasts - and it is less expensive than any other system out there(even less expensive than any DEVI underfloor heating solution)! Buy online the Dimplex RTS2M underfloor heating system via SparksDirect today!