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Dimplex over-door heater, Warm Air Curtain for entries into shops and offices, the Dimplex AC45D

  2009-12-02         admin         Product News » Heating News
The Dimplex AC45 range of over-door heaters and AC provide a powerful and effective heating above the entrance into the shops, the offices, or the small doorways. To keep the atmosphere warm, you need to compensate for the cold air that comes in through the repeated opening of the door. Because the Dimplex AC45 warms up the door entrance area, they often allow the doors to remain open for a longer time(and at the same time the atmosphere is being maintained warm). This helps for the promoting of your business(in the case of the shops).

The Dimplex AC45 range can also be used as high level fan heaters where there is a need. There is a powerful curtain of warm air that is being generated above the entrance or the doorway. The Dimplex AC45D is ideal for small shops, offices, or even domestic use(can be used both in commercial and domestic applications).

More characteristics of this over-door heater, Warm Air Curtain Dimplex AC45D

  • This over-door heater has a new curved style designed to match the modern interiors.
  • The airflow direction is adjustable - horizontal or vertical.
  • Dimplex AC45D has a choice of: full heat, half feat, or fan only(for summer air circulation) - with integral control.
  • This specific model is designed mainly for single doorways.
  • It is ideally that Dimplex AC45N is placed at an optimum height of up to 2.3m from the floor.
  • The Dimplex AC45D gives you that "Warm Welcome" feeling when you come into a store/office...
  • The detachable mounting bracket allows versatile ceiling or wall mounting.
  • Warm air curtain - achieved by the use of the Dimplex AC45D!

Dimplex AC45D - OverDoor Heater - Technical specs

  • Height: 214mm; length 605mm, depth 135mm;
  • Weight: 5.2kg;
  • Load: 2.25/4.5KW;
  • Mounting height: 2.3m;
  • Air Flow/volume: 248m3/h;
  • Noise: 52db;
  • Fixing points(D): 424mm;
  • Fixing points(E): 492mm;
  • Max. Air speed: 5.0m/s;
  • Voltage: 230C-1PN.
Availability: this over-door heater - warm curtain - is in stock - available for In-Store Pick-Up only! Order it online now, and come and pick it up in store - in Archway, North London! Read more about the Dimplex Heaters online - oil-filled heaters, convector heaters, etc.