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Easier and Cheaper to order at SparksDirect - cheaper carriage and different delivery address!

  2011-02-09         admin         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates
Recently we have updated two main things on our website that will definitely leave a smile on your face - we lowered the delivery charges and we allow you to put a different delivery address! In order to make it easier and better for someone to buy items on our website, we are continually working on improving both the website and the services we offer can offer! It is now easier and more pleasant, with not too many hindrances or things to take care of excessively, when you order Switches and Sockets, Light Fittings, Heating Solutions, Ventilation and Fans, Fire alarms, Dimming systems, or Security Systems - via Sparks Electrical Wholesalers Online Store!

Easier to Buy Online Electrical Items - Different Delivery Address for orders under £100 + VAT!

This has been a very contentious point in our policy, and we are still strong about it - for your security when you order on our website, we deliver ONLY to the BILLING address! But since more and more people order items for home use and they usually work during the day, we have decided that for the orders under £100 + VAT, we can deliver to a different address than the BILLING address, provided that:
  1. You put in the correct billing address when registering - the billing address for your order has to be the right one;
  2. You put a comment telling us what's the reason for choosing a different delivery address.
In most cases, people work or they want to order some devices for a new house they build or decorate, so they want the items ordered to a different location than the Billing Address. And this makes sense: We all work during the day, and even if someone's married and your spouse stays home with the children, still - it's not guaranteed he/she can be home on that particular day.... Therefore, we pondered and considered, we analyzed and investigated - and even though we write "some of our policies may sound strange, but they are safe, don’t you think?" and "you can arrange a different time for the delivery of your order!", we decided - let's do it! Yes, all the advice in the article, "how to order at sparksdirect.co.ukfor customers: ordering process, delivery process" stays the same and is available, but the new addition is:
If you order under £100 + VAT (at least for now) and you put the reason for which you want the items delivered to another address + you put in the correct billing address, You Will Have It Delivered There!

Cheaper to Buy Online Electrical items - Lower Delivery Charges at SparksDirect!

We received many complaints that "the delivery charge is too high", "the carriage charge is too expensive", or others like this. And it's kind of true - but we kept the charge as high as £7.50 + VAT mainly because we were still looking for the best courier. We tried Interlink Express(fail!), DHL(fail!), and now we're with another company which, we hope, will be better than the aforementioned ones. We now have the great pleasure to announce that we have reduced the price for the Carriage Charge for the items on our website! For most of the people ordering on our website, the carriage charge is £6 + VAT, which is more decent :).
Now everyone can order online all kinds of electrical items, dimmers and dimming systems, switches and sockets, electrical items, and even heaters and extractor fans - and pay less for your carriage charge! One more reason to order online via SparksDirect - lower Carriage Charge!
What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts on this... :)