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Easy to install, versatile, giving you a peace of mind - The GET Smart wireless lighting system

  2010-04-08         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
After introducing this fascinating approach to controllable lighting, the GET Wireless Lighting System, here are some more reasons to give it a try:

The Ease of Installation - GET Smart Wireless Dimmers

The GET Smart Wireless wall controllers can be located anywhere around the home or workplace, either when repositioning furniture or at a convenient height for wheelchair accessibility.
  • No re-wiring, no damage and no decoration;
  • It is easy to install and simple to programme;
  • The system can be extended at any time - Add receivers at any time;
  • Move for children or wheelchair access;
  • The controllers can be fixed or portable;
  • Most of the lamps are compatible for use with the system;
  • There are 4 Preset Scenes - and individually set lighting levels.

GET Smart Wireless Dimming Systems - Energy Efficient

  • Whole house control from one single controller - GET Wireless Dimming System;
  • You have total control at the touch of a button;
  • With total control of lighting from one control you can reduce energy used.

The Versatility of the GET Smart Wireless Dimmers

  • The Smart Wireless Dimming System allows you to control the indoor and outdoor lighting, even in the bathroom;
  • You can control garden lighting;
  • You can also locate controllers anywhere;
  • Ideal both for the domestic or the commercial installations;
  • Created dramatic effects.

Security and Peace of Mind with GET Smart Wireless Dimmers

The GET Smart Wireless Lighting is an excellent security system. From up to 30 metres from your home you can illuminate the driveway, garden, garage or home interior. The GET Smart Wireless Dimmers are:
  • Affordable;
  • Easy to relocate;
  • Secure at night.

The GET Smart Wireless Dimming System - Entertaining & Comfortable

  • You can individually set lighting levels;
  • Up to 4 preset Lighting scenes;
  • Why don't you create a range of moods for family meals, entertaining or other special occasions with different lighting scenes....
See what are the dimmers and receivers that compose the GET Smart Wireless Dimming system, and purchase the Wireless Dimmers online via