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Eco-Friendly Arko & Lyx Indoor and Outdoor Lights from Fozz Lighting

Eco-Friendly Arko & Lyx Indoor and Outdoor Lights from Fozz Lighting

  2012-11-05         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice,   Product News » Lighting News

A relatively young company (just seven years old), Fozz Lighting are something of a prodigy. The manufacturer specialises in high-quality lighting design for the retail and hospitality industries, as well as for residential projects.

Note: this range of light fittings are no longer available at Sparks - see the available outdoor wall lights available at Sparks.

The Eco-Friendly Arko & Lyx Indoor and Outdoor Lights from Fozz Lighting

Fozz Lighting: Environmentally Friendly and Highly Efficient

Although Fozz's mission statement concentrates on performance, simplicity and design, they are most well-known as the designers of energy-efficient fittings: their niche is a very green one.

A partnership with Megaman, global leaders in the energy-saving luminaire business, means that their products are technologically advanced and impeccably designed for maximum luminous efficacy: these lights output around 7% more lumens per watt than competing brands.

If nothing else, Fozz should be remembered as the lighting company to drastically reduce warm-up times in CFL fittings.

The IP-Rated Fozz Arko & Lyx

The Arko and Lyx lights from Fozz are ceiling- or wall-mounted fittings for interiors and exteriors: both are fully tested to IP65 against damage from rain and foreign objects.

The Arko lamps have a subtly minimalist design that makes it easy to incorporate into existing design schemes, while the Lyx fittings have a distinctive 'eyelid' that directs its light output downwards.

These lights are very robust, with an aluminium die-cast/stainless steel body, but they are also extremely energy-efficient: they are designed to use any standard GX53 lamps.

This makes the Arko and Lyx fully compliant with Part L of the current building regulations. Here at Sparks Electrical we stock not only the older CFL GX53 lamps from Megaman, but also the replacement LED lamps for the same fittings.

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