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Electrical floor heating with Devimat, under-floor heating for all-year-round housewarming

  2009-06-04         admin         Product News » Heating News

The Electrical floor heating solutions from Devimat

Enjoy the all year housewarming: Intelligent heating. The thin Devimat heating mats only take up 3mm (this means that the height of your floor will be lifted no more than 8-10 mm, making a DEVI thin floor system perfect; example: for the renovation purposes).

Live in comfort with Devi floor heating.

Feel the freedom – say goodbye to cold feet

Give your feet the ultimate treat and experience the luxury of walking around barefooted anywhere in your house – without getting cold feet. With an electrical underfloor heating system from DEVI, the way is short to pampering and well-being. The system is easy to install, gives a very high heating comfort and makes room for stylish furnishing. Enjoy warm feet 365 days a year with electric floor heating from DEVI.

Luxury meeting your budget

Conventional heating systems produce uneven heat which tends to create a concentration of the highest temperatures right under the ceiling(see the illustration below). This means that most of the heat will not be enjoyed and ultimately you will pay for lost energy. The DEVI floor heating(for the wooden floors, concrete floors, or laminate floors) – on the other hand – uses the law of nature and lets the heat rise evenly from the floor. The result is a delightful and comfortable heat with no draughts to spoil your homely comfort. You will feel nice and warm around your feet, pleasantly warm around your body and cooler at head height. This is the best possible utilization of your heat energy.
The DEVI electrical floor heating is a simple and cost-effective solution that lets your bare feet ignore the weather outside. No more cold floors, thick layers of woollen socks, space-consuming radiators – just let your feet enjoy the open indoor environment.

The Devimat – the most advanced heating mat on the market

The Devimat heating solution - the Devi Mat - is equipped with a thin 2-conductor cable with a thickness of just 3.3 mm. Devimat is - as the only mat on the market – self-adhesive on both the netting and the tape for maximum adhesiveness.

Left: The traditional radiator systems send heat up under the ceiling where it is cooled off and returns along the floor as cool draughts. Right: A DEVI floor heating system distributes the heat across the floor surface and leaves the rest to the natural law that heat rises.

You can enjoy your daily dose of luxury with a clear conscience

Because Devimat heating cables are fitted just below the floor surface, the heating system reacts quickly. In combination with DEVI’s precision thermostats this means that you can achieve precisely the heating comfort you dream of without wasting energy.

In this way, you can ensure that your family experiences the ultimate in heat comfort without wasting energy and compromising the environment. With DEVI floor heating the average room temperature can easily be lowered by 1 to 2° C, making luxury heating cost-effective.

If your floor is averagely well insulated, you should budget for an annual consumption of approx. 100 KwH per m2 when the room is heated by DEVI floor heating alone. By way of comparison, you use approx. 500 KwH per year on your chest freezer, 291 KwH on your washing machine and 369 KwH annually on your tumble dryer.

Decades of experience give you the best

DEVI was founded in Denmark in 1942 and for decades DEVI has manufactured cables and thermostats for electrical floor heating. This experience, our dedication to innovation and our compliance with every current EU standards ensure that we are offering you only the best in quality and safety.

The Devimat™ full covering aluminium screen makes the solution not only very strong, but also 100% safe to use in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, the complete technical back-up and ten-year manufacturers warranty give you the most unique under-floor heating system on the market today.

The DeviMat Cable

  1. Massive conductors ensures high towing force.
  2. Full covering aluminium screen means high safety.
  3. Conductor insulation in FEP.
  4. Bi-conductor.
  5. Outer screen in PVDF provides high mechanical strength.
Read more about the Devimat Features, the Devimat applications, the Devimat Installation, the Devireg thermostats, the choosing of the proper Devimat system. To purchase online the DeviMat floor warming and heating solutions, choose the type of floor you want to warm up:
  1. Wooden floor - the DeviMat wooden floor heating solutions;
  2. Concrete floor - the DeviMat concrete floor heating solutions;
  3. Laminate floor - the DeviMat laminate floor heating solutions.