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Emergency Lighting Design tips and Emergency Lights positioning / details, part 1

  2010-07-14         admin         Advice » Lighting Design Advice
In this picture article composed of two parts we find out more about the Emergency Lighting Design - where to install the emergency lights (read the second part of the article). Going through most of the exits / doors / venues / rooms in a home / building, Aurora Lighting offers some tips(generally known and applied in all the buildings in the UK) regarding the siting and installing of the emergency lights. This information might be useful to you when you try to find out where do you need to site your emergency light fitting by the escalator, the final exit, by the stairway, on the corridor, in the alarm areas, in the toilet, by the escalator, by the lifts or elevators, in hazardous areas, in the open areas, in the control rooms, etc. To read the second part of this article click here.

Emergency Lighting Design Tips (1)

Emergency Lux Levels - Escape route corridors - 1 Lux minimum on the centre line of the escape route; Open areas - 0.5Lux minimum in the central core to within 0.5m of the escape route.

Left: Emergency Lights - Non-Maintained: Non-maintained units only operate when the normal mains supply fails(emergency lighting only). Right: Emergency Lights - Maintained: Maintained units operate normally and continue to operate when the normal mains supply fails(mains & emergency lighting).

Left: Emergency Lights in Junctions: Install within 2 metres of the escape route junctions. Right: Emergency Lights in corridors: Install within 2 metres horizontal distance of a change of direction in an escape route.

Left: Emergency Lights in Stairways: Install within 2 metres horizontal distance of a change of direction in stairs / floor level(each stair tread to receive direct light). Right: Emergency Lights by the Final Exit: Ideal light for illuminating the escape routes.

Read the continuation of this article - more places / areas where you should install the emergency lighting. To purchase Emergency Lights, visit the Fire and Security section on our website, the Emergency Lighting Systems category.