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energy and cost saving heating, the economical Devimat under-floor heating system

  2009-11-12         admin         Product News » Heating News
The Devi Underfloor heating for domestic use means warmed floors! The DEVI floor heating systems are some of the most advanced heating mat in the market, and we have it on our website at some of the most competitive prices(underfloor heating system). You can actually have all-year round warmth in your home with the Devimat under-floor heating system.

Read more below  about the energy-saving features of the Devimats.

Use DEVI everywhere and under all surfaces

The DEVI underfloor heating systems ensure a comfortable warm floor or room heat for your home, and they are suitable for a variety of applications. Equally important is the fact that the DEVI underfloor heating system can be installed in all types of floor whether they are new concrete floors, wooden floors or renovated floors.

Furnish / design your room as you please

The DEVI floor heating system is invisible/hidden. By being hidden under the floor, this underfloor heating system gives exciting new possibilities for furnishing and interior design! Also, the problem of space consuming and unattractive radiators no longer has to be considered.

Capital cost savings on the electricity/heat bill!

Installing an electric underfloor heating system offers you major capital cost savings, when compared with other traditional systems. Since the Devi-made systems are ‘fit them and forget about them', there is no need for any expensive maintenance contracts(which are likely to be required with the traditional heating systems).

A Very Economical Under-floor heating system

If the Devimat heating system is used as a total heating solution for your room/home, it is possible to lower the average room temperature by 2ºC without affecting the level of comfort. This means that heating can be reduced by around 20% - which gives you both an economic and an environmental advantage. Also, there is no need for gas or flues, which removes the need to channel emissions out of the building. This greatly simplifies the design process and provides a safe, clean and 100% efficient environment.

The Devimat's amazing 10 year warranty

The Devimat systems are designed to last as long as the building in which they are installed - and that is without anyone having to maintain them! This is the Devimats are provided with a 10-year guarantee - both for the mats and the cables. The DEVI underfloor heating system - the Devimat - is both quicker and more economical to install than most of the other heating systems with corresponding capacity. The cables can be cast within/underneath the floor, installed between timber joists or even laid directly on top of an existing floor before the tiling. The system can be used under all types of floor covering, plus it is exceptionally robust and hard-wearing. That is why DEVI provides you with a 10-year warranty on both the heating cables and the mats!

Total floor heating solutions - with Devimat!

The DEVI high quality heating mats ensures you that the installation process is as efficient as possible. Using this Devimat system, you will be able to obtain a total solution for your project, encompassing the work of three trades; insulation, heating installation and screed as well as MVHR.
Remember: The DEVI floorheating system is above all a heating system which offers the lowest possible energy loss.
Buy online DeviMats for home use – either for wooden floors, laminate floors or concrete floors. If you need assistance with the planning and making a project of your existing floor, we can assist you with this.