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energy saving light switches replacement like-for-like - the green-i switches!

energy saving light switches replacement like-for-like - the green-i switches!

  2011-12-08         sparksdirect         Product News » Switches and Sockets News

The CP Electronics Green-I switches blend the great design with the user-friendly technology - they can replace the existing light switches like-for-like!

Specific versions of the green-i range can feature not only switches but also dimmers, movement sensing, adjustable timer, remote control, security mode, scene setting, etc.

One more thing: the green-i switches come with interchangeable fascias, just in case you're tired of the same old switch color...

Most people use either the typical white plastic switches and dimmers or the metal plate wiring devices - and there's nothing wrong with them.

But if you want to use more energy saving light switches or dimmers, you can consider the Green-I range from CP Electronics.

With their sleek low profile design, the green-i switches can be mounted even in the shallow ceiling voids - no time is lost with separate external control boxes, since everything is "self contained"!

Replace the old light switch with the energy saving green-i switches - great design, stylish, with scene setting, and remotely controlled devices!

Green-I range features and benefits

  • Movement sensor integrated: the switch turns the light on when you are in and off when no movement is detected;
  • Lighting, heating, and ventilation control: use this switch to control the lighting, the heating, or the ventilation;
  • Scene setting: set up a scene and then recall it when you want to use that scene;
  • Excellent energy saving devices: the switches and dimmers in the green-i range help you save the energy by turning on / off the lights / heating / ventilation when it is needed;
  • Remote control: this range of switches can be operated via remote control, the handset is available separately;
  • Security mode: when you are out of the room you don't need to worry, the security mode will turn lights off!
  • Different finishes: the three fascias available separately give you the choice of the switch color! Each green-i switch comes complete with a white low profile faceplate; if you wish so, you can order the bronze and steel fascias / faceplates;
  • Advanced switch technology; save the energy when you use the Green-I switches;
The green-i range offers you like-for-like replacements for your existing switches - ideal for re-fits or replacing your existing switches with more modern ones!

All the switches come with the amazing functionality and brilliant innovation offered by CP Electronics. Check out the full range at Time Lag Switches - Energy Saving devices.