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Energy Saving Wireless DoorPhone: AC and DC 2.4 GHz Wireless Digital Two-Way Door Phone Entry System

  2009-10-26         admin         Product News » Fire and Security News
After introducing the simple "doorbell replacement wired doorphone with speaker and telephone, KIT1FAPT", here is another model - the KIT1SAPT, Energy Saving Wireless DoorPhone, both AC and DC 2.4 GHz Wireless Digital Two-Way Door Phone Entry System. This doorphone is a 2.4GHz wireless digital technique, anti-interference and with a clear communication. The KIT1SAPT is a wireless dual-way doorphone, with easy fixing. This wireless door phone system allows you to talk to your visitors before opening the door. No wires are required between the door bell and the phone making this system very easy to install. Good for security and helpful for the elderly or less mobile. Read more below about its features, or purchase it online - via SparksDirect.

Wireless Digital Door-Phone system, the KIT1SAPT - Features

  • Digital intercommunication and clear voice.
  • Duplex intercommunication for best usage.
  • Wireless dual-way intercommunication and clear voice.
  • Digital transmission for sound signal.
  • Working distance is around 150m and CE approval.
  • Advanced code technique, anti-interference.
  • Working status indication - there is a low voltage indication(please replace the batteries when the indicator turns on all the time).
  • Adjustable ringer volume.
  • Intercommunication between indoor and outdoor units is available.
  • DC power outdoor unit. Stick the outdoor unit with double-side adhesive tape.
  • Energy-saving technique: There is no power consumption in standby status; the power will be stopped automatically 30 seconds after no answer when someone presses the button.
  • Battery change: Remove the aluminum alloyed panel for battery replacement.
  • AC or DC works of indoor unit to enable normal working when power is gone.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Door Phone Entry System.
  • Easy to install (no wires between the door bell and the phone).
  • Waterproof outdoor unit (IP44 rated).
  • Mains adaptor and wall mount brackets supplied.
  • Complete with fixing screws and wall plugs.
  • The Outdoor unit: Power supply 4 x AA batteries (not included); Dimensions 160 x 113 x 68mm.
  • Indoor unit: Weight 370g; Power supply 9Vac, 300mA; Dimensions: 210 x 100 x 70mm; Weight 380g.
  • More details + buy this wireless DoorPhone system online via SparksDirect.
If you prefer the "wired" version of this doorphone system, check out the KIT1FAPT(Wired Audio Door Phone Entry System, doorphone with speaker and telephone); purchase online the Audio Door Phone Systems via the Electrical Items, Door Entry Systems.