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ESP GuardCam LED: a Simple, Cost-Effective All-in-One Security System

ESP GuardCam LED: a Simple, Cost-Effective All-in-One Security System

  2013-01-15         sparksdirect         Advice » Smart Home System Advice

The latest ESP device, the GuardCam LED, is a remarkable all-in-one security device that is both compact and cost-effective.

Note: this LED GuardCam from ESP is no longer available; here is our latest offering for PIR lighting.

Following up on the immensely popular GuardCam with a green alternative, this inexpensive device will keep your property safe while minimizing energy costs.

GuardCam LED offers the usual security floodlight features: the GuardCam LED uses an integrated PIR motion detector with a huge 12-meter range (its "cone" 160°).

When it detects an unauthorized presence in that range, the sensor switches on the floodlight - but it also has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

The New LED Floodlight 

First, the floodlight. While the original ("classic") GuardCam uses a halogen bulb, for properties and spaces that involve a lot of security-camera activations, the cost of running that bulb builds up.

The 12W LED array in the GuardCam LED has an impressive output of 1100 lumens - about the equivalent of a 150W halogen light.

It's enough to illuminate the area - and more than enough to provide the camera with enough light (more on that in a moment).

By switching out the halogen lamp for LEDs, ESP has made a maintenance-free security device that could last for 40 years with average estimated usage!

The Features

As well as the floodlight, the GuardCam is also capable of recording still images and video with its high-resolution wide-angle camera - then it sends the files straight to a standard SD card that can be read by any computer.

A 2GB card is provided which can store up to 60,000 images or 750 video clips, but any SD card can be used (up to a maximum of 64GB).

Optionally, an audio warning will also be issued from the built-in speakers. If you want to record a personalized message, you can record using the on-board microphone simply by pressing a button on the underside of the device and speaking.

It's possible that hardened intruders won't be scared off, but the audio warning often draws their attention to the device - so that they're looking right into the camera...

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a tricky set-up, but in fact all you need to install the GuardCam LED is a connection to the mains and the time to attach it to a wall. What's more: right now in the store the GuardCam LED is just £120 (+ VAT)!

But that last feature is a tricky one: we know it's difficult to come up with a security message on the spot, but we can't think of anything better than "you there! Smile: You're on Camera!"

Can our readers think of anything better? What could you say to deter a potential criminal?

Note: this system is no longer available with us at Sparks; see all the Fire and Security systems we currently have on offer.