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A Neat Idea: Stash Your Extension Socket in Your Bedside Drawer and Reduce Clutter!

A Neat Idea: Stash Your Extension Socket in Your Bedside Drawer and Reduce Clutter!

  2013-02-18         sparksdirect         Advice » Switches and Sockets Advice

In why-didn't-I-think-of-that news, Reddit user "Imnotableimjustcain" suggests keeping a power strip inside a bedside drawer to charge your gadgets overnight while keeping the usual clutter hidden away.

Keep Your Sockets Out of the Way

This works for us: although a power strip (also known as an extension socket, trailing socket, and by many other names) is undoubtedly a useful thing to keep around, they have a habit of getting in the way.

With this simple trick, which at its simplest involves drilling a hole in the back of the nightstand to let the power cord through, you can keep your phone, laptop, and e-reader (or whatever you use) charging overnight.

Another pro tip: plug the power strip into a timer socket that is programmed to supply power only at night.

This will prevent the sockets draining standby power ("vampire energy") during the day.

But Make Sure It's Ventilated

With a good-quality power strip, there's little risk of fire, but while you have the holesaw out you might drill a few holes for ventilation, just to be safe.

A better option would be, if possible, to take the whole back of the drawer out; that ought to provide enough "breathing room."

If you're still worried about the overheating risk (or lacking a bedside table), another option might be to mount a power strip to the wall, or attach it using sturdy velcro strips.

There is Another Option

If you're willing to cut a cylindrical hole in your bedside table, we also stock this incredibly useful "Power Tower" which pops up to reveal three standard UK power sockets and two USB sockets!

Being admitted gadget addicts, we especially like the inclusion of the USB sockets. We only got one charging cable with our Kindle and we also use it for our phone.

Despite the availability of such wonderful items, we like the DIY ethic that leads someone to thread a common-or-garden power strip into a cheap bedside drawer.

 So, readers: do you have any other life-changing tips for us? We could always use a couple!