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Five Beautiful Sconce Lights for the Contemporary Home

Five Beautiful Sconce Lights for the Contemporary Home

  2013-02-08         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

The word "sconce" comes from the Latin absconsus via the French esconce, which means a covering or protection - or something that is covered and protected.

It's also a kind of fortification from the Middle Ages, a protective "hill" which offered defense for artillery units.

Obviously, we don't deal with earthwork castle fortifications. We deal with lighting, and a sconce is a light fitting that uses only the wall for support - it doesn't have a base on the floor.

They are used for functional and decorative purposes, and here are some of our favourites from the online store:

Nordlux Vanila Black Wall Spotlight

Vanila Black Wall Spotlight

This curved spotlight from Scandinavian minimalist Nordlux is made from metal, which only makes it a little more like something you might find on the Nostromo from the Alien movie.

Astro Lighting Azumi White Wall Light with a Reading Light

Azumi Wall Light with LED Reading Light

On the one hand, the Azumi is a classically styled wall light from the renowned Astro Lighting, but it also features a flexible LED reading light as a hidden bonus.

Artemide Dioscuri

Artemide Dioscuri

These spherical laser-etched Artemide wall lights are designed by Michele de Lucchi and come in four sizes: 140mm, 250mm, 350mm, and 420mm.

Manerbio Walnut up- and down-light

Manerbio Walnut uplight/Downlight

With its walnut finish, the rectangular Manerbio blends into its surroundings, like a tiny shelf, perhaps a vantage point for an intrepid Borrower. But it's actually a stylish uplight and a downlight! [note: this product has been discontinued]

Artemide Miconos Glass & Chrome Wall Light - exposed bulb

Artemide Miconos Exposed Bulb Wall Light

Exposed bulbs are so hot in lighting design right now, and Ernesto Gismondi's Miconos lamp, for Artemide, is ahead of the curve with its clear-blown glass diffuser.