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Fluke 1654B Installation Tester: Best Price Plus a Free Electrical Tester!

Fluke 1654B Installation Tester: Best Price Plus a Free Electrical Tester!

  2012-12-07         sparksdirect         Product News » Electrical Items News

Fluke are routinely a number one or two manufacturer in every market in which it operates, and their latest multifunction installation testing kit - the Fluke 1654B - inherits the solid reputation of the 1650 series and improves upon it.

The Fluke 1654b: An Everyday Kit for the Electrician

The 1654b is an everyday electrical testing kit that offers great on-site value and significant savings in time, especially for the electrician, contractor, and installer.

This kit offers a simple solution to testing for compliance with the latest standards and regulations, including:

  • IET 17th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Building Regulations Part P
  • IEC Standard 60364
  • CENELEC HD 384
And all this for the best price anywhere on the internet, at just £640 + VAT - significantly less than the recommended selling price.
Note: This item is no longer available at Sparks; please see the current offering here.

Incredibly User-Friendly Features

  • Fast high current loop measurement
  • Non-trip loop test feature
  • Zero adapter for easy test lead compensation
  • Backlit dual display
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Withstands fall up to 1m
  • Lightweight at less than 1.3kg
  • Extended memory and UK documentation
  • Neck loop for handsfree testing

Bonus: a Free T5 Electrical Tester!

Not only that, but with every purchase of the 1654B multifunction tester, Fluke are giving customers a free T5 1000 Electrical Tester!

With its unique "OpenJaw" measurement the T5 1000 checks voltage, continuity, and current with one incredibly simple tool: just select "ohms," "volts," or "current" and let the tester do its work.

An integrated LCD display relays the information automatically and accurately. You can see a few pictures of what this multifunction tester kit contains and how it looks like via,