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Flush Hager Consumer Units, safer domestic energy distribution solutions from Hager

  2009-12-14         admin         Product News » Consumer Units News
Though not found on our website yet, the Hager Flush Consumer Units(the Hager VF* range) can be requested via sparksdirect - contact us if you want to order any Hager Flush Domestic Consumer Units. They have a faster, safer, stronger installation. This range of flush fit consumer units are up to 25 percent faster to fit in both solid and partition walls. Ideally, they are for partition walls: a flange and frame clamps the unit to the wall. There is no need for separate fixing, the unit simply slots into the prepared hole and the integral fixing screws are tightened. With solid and brick walls, the installer refits the flange to the sides of the back box and uses it as a fixing bracket to secure the base unit to the wall.

Though they may not be as popular as the Surface Mounted Hager Consumer units, read more about these Flush CU from Hager - the advantages, some technical details, and some quick tips/features - maybe these are the Consumer Units you need for your home!

Hager Flush Consumer Units - your advantages

  • Easy and fast unit to fit;
  • Best cable space - largest amount and in all the right places;
  • Easy to remove cable entries safely;
  • Fast fit partition wall fixing;
  • Optimised positions for cable entries and terminations;
  • Fewer tools required to fit;
  • Integrated spirit level allows for simple levelling.

Hager Flush Consumer Units - Technical Data

  • Multiple cable entries / knockouts on the top, bottom and rear including 32mm and 25mm knockouts for SWA cables;
  • Total ways from 12 to 18;
  • Switch disconnector rating 100 Amp;
  • RCCB rating 63A 30mA or 80A 30mA;
  • Stud and block wall fixing.

Hager Consumer Units - Flush CU - Features and Tips

1. Knockouts - The unit includes a large choice of knockouts for cabling. 2. Cable entry - The large choice of rear cable entries can be rotated, knocked out and removed completely giving a great choice of cable entries. 3. Incomer cable entry - The back box can be fitted either way to give a choice of either 25mm or 32mm knockout entry for the incomer.

4. Flange and clamp - Innovative flange and clamp design allows for quick fitting to plaster board walls. 5. Fixing to brick - Removing the flange from the top of the unit and fixing it to the sides allows for easy fixing to brick walls without the worry of bricks breaking. 6. Fixing points - Fixing points can be easily accessed through the front sides and rear of the base.

Request an offer for the Hager Flush Consumer Units(the Hager VF* range) - contact us. View our full offer of Hager Consumer Units - the domestic CU.