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Forbes and Lomax with metal rockers and new details about the Forbes&Lomax switches/dimmer switches

  2009-10-28         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Forbes and Lomax is a very appreciated brand of flat plate switches, sockets, dimmers, fused connections, telecom and data sockets, etc. We have introduced this range many times before, speaking about all the finishes and ranges, defining the Forbes & Lomax wiring accessories, some instructions for the electricians about switches&dimmers, data for electricians about sockets, and a short word of introduction for each of the ranges Forbes and Lomax has. Recently, Forbes and Lomax modified a little their offer - they added new codes/model numbers for the accessories with the metal rocker. Here is how it goes:
  • Unless the model number has a "/B", the trim / insert / surround is white plastic(unless the wiring accessory does not have any surround - like the dimmers, blanking plates, etc).
  • In the case of the switches, the sockets, and the fused connections, unless the model number has a "M" at the end of it, right before the first "/", it has a plastic rocker.
  • If certain models do not have the "M" version, this means that there is no version of that particular wiring device that has a metal rocker - only the version with the plastic rocker is available. The same is true the other way around: if there is only the "M" version, then the plastic rocker version is not available.
Read more below about some technical details for the Forbes and Lomax Dolly/Toggle switches, the Rotary Dimmers / Push on/off switches, or the rocker switches.

More technical details about the Forbes and Lomax Switches & Dimmers

About The Forbes and Lomax Dolly / Toggle Switches

All dolly switches fit into standard 35mm deep wall boxes with the exception of the architrave which requires a special wall box. Check out the dolly switch combinations that Forbes and Lomax offers. If the combination that you require is not listed on our website, please let us know - contact us. As standard we supply two-way switches that can be used as either one-way or two-way. One-way switching is where you can control a lighting circuit from only one location. Two-way switching is where you can control a lighting circuit from two locations. Intermediate switches are used if you want to add more switching locations. A two-way switch would be located at each end of the circuit and any additional switches would be intermediate.

About the Rotary Dimmers and the Push On/Off Switches

Good quality electronic transformers can be used with 250w, 400w, 600w & 1000w resistive dimmers for low voltage lighting. The Forbes and Lomax dimmers are not suitable for use with trailing edge transformers. To ensure full compatibility and a long life for the dimmer, we recommend that you use Mode transformers. Inductive dimmers for use with wirewound transformers and dimmers for fluorescent lighting are available on request. Matching push on/off switches allow us to provide switches that look like a dimmer and offer the ability to mix dimmers and switches on the same plate whilst keeping a uniform look. We can provide up to 9 gang combinations. All the Forbes and Lomax dimmers and switches are 2 way. Intermediate or 0-10v push on/off switches are available on request.

About the Forbes & Lomax Rocker Switches

The Forbes and Lomax Rocker Switches come with a white trim around the switch insert as standard. Suffix code with (B) for black trim, except on Antique Bronze where black is standard. Double Pole, 2way & off and retractive rockers are available on request. We can also make one and two gang rocker switches with ‘Painted Plates’ on request and can provide up to 12 gang rocker switch combinations in all other finishes.

Read more about the Forbes and Lomax different finishes, like: the invisible plate(with pictures), the unlacquered brass range, the antique brass range, the nickel silver range, the painted socket range, or the stainless steel range.