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The four best selling light fittings at SparksDirect.co.uk in year 2010

  2011-01-04         admin         Sparks Direct News » Promotions
So here we are, back to work - after a nice break of a little more than a week (some of us), we're back in action! And we're still dealing with the requests, orders, emails, and all the other things that pile up in the office during this time of the year....

So today we are taking it slow - not a "product presentation" or a "technical details" article, but simply an article with pictures of the Four Best Selling Light Fittings at SparksDirect.co.uk in 2010.

Many of these light fittings were already introduced in other lists or articles, so we will just post the pictures and the links where you can read more about these Best-Seller lights + where can you purchase them.

The Four Best-Seller Lights at SparksDirect

The Best-selling Amalfi Wall Light - the AX0423 ceramic wall lamp

The Best-Seller Osaka Bathroom Light - the AX0387 Flush Round Ceiling Light

The Best-Selling Park Lane Wall Light - the AX0516 Nickel Wall Lamp with Black Fabric Shade

The Best-Seller Tallin 600 Wall Strip Light - the AX0661 Tallin Over-Mirror Light Strip