Four Ingenious Uses of the amazing L3100WVK Wireless Video Door Entry System

  2011-05-11         admin
An innovative product from GM Techtronics, the Vu-Com L3100WVK (L3000 series Wireless Video Kit) was extensively introduced on our blogs, mainly via: This wireless video door entry system has rapidly become a popular door entry / video door monitoring solution for both small offices and home use. We have been asked many times by the people interested in this kit,

Where and how to use this amazing L3100WVK Wireless Door Entry System?

and so we compiled some of the possibilities / configurations in which this video kit can be used. Remember: the following application options are just examples as each system can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Left: Vu-Com Professional L3100WVK standard use with single entrance - this wireless video door entry kit can open one door by using one kit. This is most commonly used with homeowners and single apartments, houses, personal homes, etc.

Right: The L3100WVK Professional Video Door Entry Kit with multiple handsets to view single entrance - you can use the video system to open / monitor the door entry via multiple handsets. Many times if the house / office is big, there is the need for more than one handsets to unlock the door / answer the door / check who's at the door!

Left: Vu-Com Professional L3100WVK single handset to view multiple entrances - use this video door entry kit to view multiple entrances with only one handset! If there are more than one entrances to the house / the office / the manor house, you can use a single handset to open the doors / talk to the visitors at the door.

Right: The L3100WVK Professional Video Door Entry Kit with multiple handsets to view multiple entrances - if there are multiple entrances to the same venue / building, and there are more than one people / locations from where you desire to open the door / check who's coming, you can use this kit with multiple handsets to open multiple doors!

Pretty cool, isn't it? These four ingenious uses of the amazing L3100WVK wireless video door entry system are just a few of the many combinations of these devices - to meet your needs according to your specifications! As we have said before, the use and combination of these devices is limited only by your need and imagination!