GET, the Ultimate range of wiring accessories and grid system, GET fit and GET adaptable

  2009-07-20         admin
One of the most popular and also high quality wiring devices manufacturers is GET(see on our site the ranges of switches, sockets, dimmers, grid systems, etc from GET). Below is an introduction by GET to the Ultimate range wiring accessories and grid system (also here).
The most comprehensive Flat Plate Grid and Wiring Accessory range from GET with no compromise! Fit. Adaptable. Style. Quality.

After 50 years experience in the Electrical Industry and Wiring Devices Manufacturing, GET - one of the market leaders are proud to introduce the GET Ultimate range in a wide choice of finishes from white to decorative metal. Read more about GET Ultimate Fit, GET Ultimate Adaptable, GET Ultimate Style, and GET Ultimate Quality.

GET Ultimate fit - The Ultimate in FIT

Designed for ease of installation for both new and retro-fit, identification is helped via colour coded terminals while larger profile plates reduce additional decorating. See the 1 and 2 gang switches designed to fit 16mm flush steel boxes.
Easy to fit front loading modules. GET Ultimate Fit features
  • Modules are completely interchangeable.
  • Clear terminal marking printed onto grey back mouldings ensures easy identification.
  • Socket outlets designed to fit 25mm flush steel boxes(dependent upon wiring configurations 35mm deep boxes are recommended where possible).
  • Large in-line angled terminals aid cable insertion.
  • Colour coded terminals make terminal selection even easier.
  • Expansion gasket assists mounting on uneven walls whilst providing a barrier to moisture.
  • Buy online the flat plate GET Ultimate switches, sockets, and grid systems.

GET adaptable - the Ultimate in adaptability

Designed for maximum performance while in the same time providing the ultimate in looks and flexibility Fully co-ordinates and compliments the ULTIMATE range of accessories.
GET wiring devices - GET adaptable, features
  • Matching metal curved rockers with a choice of white or black interior.
  • Socket headed screws for additional security and reduced risk of plate damage during installation.
  • Easy to fit - simple to use.
  • Front loaded switch modules.
  • Modules fully interchangeable once fitted.
  • 10AX & 20AX switch ratings.
  • Tactile switch action.
  • Pre-printed modules for greater flexibility - key applications.
  • Buy online the flat plate GET Ultimate switches, sockets, and grid systems.

In the next post we'll talk more about the GET style - the Ultimate in Style and the GET Quality - The Ultimate in Quality. These details are taken from the GET official specifications about the range of GET Ultimate wiring devices.