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GET Ultimate white moulded wiring accessories - switches and sockets

  2009-08-18         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
The GET Ultimate White Moulded wiring accessories offer a stylish, modern alternative to traditional white moulded products. Aesthetically pleasing and ultra-slim(see a review of the Ultra-Slim Ultimate Moulded range), these sleek fittings with their subtle curved profile and minimal back projections have been carefully designed to ensure ease of installation. The GET Ultimate moulded has been extended with the introduction of slim profile outboard rocker switched sockets and wide rocker switches that comply with Part M and also the Disability and Discrimination Act. The range, which includes Euromodular and grid variants, was designed to complement the Ultimate Flat Plate ranges for situations where a combination of fittings may be required. Read more about the features and benefits of this range, including a comprehensive list of the available models belonging to the GET Ultimate White Moulded.

GET Ultimate White Moulded - Features and benefits

  • An ultra-slim plate for minimum projection when flush fitted;
  • Minimal back projection to allow installation using standard flush mounting boxes for both new and retrofits (switches 16mm, sockets 25mm dependant on wiring configuration);
  • Curved rockers with tactile switch action;
  • Unique integral locking facility on isolator for added safety;
  • Slim-line, compact neons for a less obtrusive look Switches are fully rated at 10AX for fluorescent and inductive loads;
  • Screw cap covers provide a sleek finishing touch (additional pair supplied for greater flexibility);
  • Colour coded in-line angled terminals make selection even easier;
  • Clear terminal marking ensures easy identification;
  • Twin-earth terminals on 2-gang sockets;
  • Double pole options on 1-gang and 2-gang switched sockets;
  • All fuse carriers are lockable to prevent accidents during maintenance;
  • Plated earth straps assist longevity for a corrosion free life;
  • Ultra slim profile for minimum projection when flush fitted;
  • Consistent styling across the range.

GET Ultimate White Moulded - the range

  • 13A unswitched socket outlets
  • 13A SP switched socket outlets
  • 13A DP switched socket outlets
  • 13A DP Outboard rocker switched socket outlets - Part M
  • 10AX wide rocker switches - Part M
  • Round pin socket outlets
  • 10AX plate switches
  • Mains dimmer switches
  • Low voltage dimmer switches
  • 20AX DP switches and flex outlet plates
  • 13A unswitched fused connection units
  • 13A switched fused connection units
  • 32A & 45A DP 1 gang switches
  • 45A DP 2 gang switches
  • 45A DP cooker control units
  • Shaver socket
  • Telephone outlets
  • Data outlets
  • TV outlets
  • Screened TV outlets
  • Blank plates & replacement screws
  • Surface pattresses
  • Euro modular plates
  • Euro modules
To purchase online the GET range of Ultimate White Moulded Switches and Sockets, visit the Switches&Sockets White Plastic finish, the GET White Moulded section. If there is any model that is in the GET range and yet is not in our catalogue, please let us know - contact us.