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Grafik Eye QS multi-room control, Lutron residential light and blind solutions (part 2)

  2010-05-14         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
After introducing the Lutron QS solutions(multi-room control for lights and blinds) for mid-size luxury homes and flats, please find below some of the benefit offered by the Lutron Residential Solutions:
  1. Convenience With the press of a button turn off all the lights in your home from your bedside.
  2. Energy and lamp savings Dimming your lights saves energy and extends lamp life. Turning lights off automatically when a room is not in use promotes environmental stewardship.
  3. Peace of mind Set lights to turn on 15 minutes before sunset so you never come home to a dark house. Also, integrate your lights with your alarm or fire protection system so that lights come on automatically in an emergency.
  4. Protect your investment Automatically lower shades to provide privacy and reduce UV damage to your valued furnishings.

Basic features of the Lutron QS system components

The Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS control units

  • Available with 3, 4, or 6 lighting zones and 0, 1, 2, or 3 blind groups;
  • Built-in astronomical time clock;
  • Engravable backlit buttons for intuitive control;
  • A multilingual information screen provides energy savings, light level, and time clock information, as well as simple, intuitive programming (no computer required).

The Lutron seeTouch QS wallstations

  • Offers you the ability to toggle any zone on/off allowing intuitive user control;
  • A single keypad can be configured with up to 4 groups of independently programmed buttons which allow zone toggle, scene, and blind control;
  • Available with or without raise/lower buttons and an infrared sensor.

The Lutron Sivoia QS blinds and power supply panels

  • Smooth, quiet movement with programmable stopping points;
  • Precise alignment of blinds to within 3 mm (.125 inches);
  • Simple, low-voltage installation;
  • Built-in link diagnostics;
  • More details and specs.

The Lutron QS integration devices

  • Ethernet;
  • RS232;
  • Contact closure inputs/outputs.
Note: Offered in 42 colours and finishes, the GRAFIK Eye QS can accent any d├ęcor. Use the GRAFIK Eye QS Visualizer to design a customised control unit and generate model numbers and order forms.

To purchase the Lutron Grafik QS lights & blinds control system, or to receive a quote for a project involving a residential light and blind control system, please contact us. You can also read about the Lutron Grafik QS Preset Scenes(commercial and residential settings), the Lutron QS customisable preset light and blind control system, the main features of the Lutron Grafik Eye QS Panel, and some of the Lutron Strategies used in the Grafik Eye QS range via the Switches and Sockets Articles section.