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Why are the Grid Modules and Face Plates Becoming So Popular Nowadays?

Why are the Grid Modules and Face Plates Becoming So Popular Nowadays?

  2013-02-28         sparksdirect         Advice » Switches and Sockets Advice

Last year we were introducing and explaining how the grid modules work - with face plates and modules - and ever since, the Grid Modules have become increasingly popular.

People still place large orders for switches and sockets, but the flexibility offered by the Grid Plates and Modules is being increasingly appreciated.

Why Grid Modules and Grid Plates?

If you take a look at the Switches and Sockets section on our website, whether it is the white plastic or the metal plate sections, you will see a wide range of "set wiring devices".

Single, double, or triple switches / dimmers, single or double sockets, spurs, cooker switches, single or double data sockets, dolly switches, etc.

But what if you need a data socket and an audio socket on the same plate? What if you need a data socket, a telephone socket, and a TV/Satellite socket set on the same plate?

You could say that they can be ordered specially for you, but you can also simply choose the single or double Grid Plate / Euro Plate, and then select the modules that you need. Utmost flexibility for your wiring devices.

Do They Match the Finish of the Regular Wiring Devices?

As you can notice on our website at the Grid Plates and Modules section, there are many finishes available for this type of wiring devices.

Not all of them are out yet, but Heritage Brass and Forbes and Lomax are also working on a very flexible system in which you select the type of plate, the finish, and then the modules you need.

So, to answer the question above, not all the finishes are available for the Grid Plates, but they are coming out soon!

What about the Price?

The price for the grid plates / Euro plates and modules are either similar or less than the regular "set wiring devices".

Besides the flexibility offered by these devices, you have the price on your side also.

One more plus would be that the manufacturer doesn't matter: the Grid Plate and Module standard is the same everywhere, the only thing that differentiates them is the type of plate, the finish, and the profile.

Just imagine: you can set up from 1 to 16 different modules on the same face plate!