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Hager Consumer units - inside and out - features, benefits, installation, and flush fit

  2009-04-29         admin         Product News » Consumer Units News
We have introduced the consumer units from Hager here, and there is a substantial guide to the 17th edition consumer units - part 1 and part 2 - and yet there is still more to present concerning the consumer units: some features, benefits, advices for installation, and the flush fit of the Hager Consumer Units(especially the Domestic Consumer Units; the same principles apply also to the Industrial and Commercial Consumer Units from Hager also).

Hager Consumer Units - Features

  1. Best in class cabling space top side and back;
  2. Rear cutouts optimised for size and position;
  3. Top wall removes for easy cable access and reseals to IP4X using two foam strips provided;
  4. Quick fit meter tail kit accessory;
  5. Quick fit meter tail kit accessory;
  6. Integrated spirit level;
  7. Top wall removes for easy cable access and reseals to IP4X using two foam strips provided;
  8. Terminal bars are top mounted for easy cable dressing, fully rated to 100A;
  9. Snap-able busbar;
  10. Full metal DIN rail allowing ease of configuration and fitting of control devices;
  11. Optional key lock;
  12. Door available in both transparent and plain variants opening downwards for easy access.

Benefits of the consumer units from Hager

The Consumer Unit from Hager has been designed to fit into today’s home environment. Whether used to house electrical distribution or smart control devices, the unit’s colour and form have been designed to complement and integrate.
With preconfigured and configurable variants available, choice comes as standard. A full metal DIN rail allows devices to be fixed securely and a snap-able busbar allows contractors to choose the configuration. MCBs feature a new DIN clip allowing devices to be removed without the need to remove the busbar from other devices.
The Consumer Unit range from Hager – it really was inspired by you.
  • Easy and fast unit to fit;
  • Best cable space – largest amount & in all the right places;
  • Easy to remove cable entries safely;
  • IP4X seal to top surface;
  • Optimised positions for cable entries & terminations;
  • Fewer tools required to fit;
  • Integrated spirit level allows for simple levelling;
  • Easy unit to cable.

The Installation of the Consumer Units(Hager Guide)

  1. Preparation of unit for fixing Remove cover. Select the cutouts required to bring the cables into the unit.
  2. Remove cable entry cutout Remove the required cutouts if bringing cables through the bottom of the consumer unit.
  3. Bring cables in on surface If cables are being brought in on the surface, the top wall can be removed to aid cable entry and can be sealed to IP4X rating using the sealing strips provided.
  4. Fix unit to wall The units have a large range of fixing points allowing avoidance of obstructions in the wall.
  5. Integrated level The unit has a built in spirit level which helps with fitting the unit neatly.
  6. Snapable busbar The units can be wired to the configuration of your choice thanks to the snap-able busbar.
  7. Wire the unit The unit is easy to wire thanks to the increased space between the devices and terminal bars.
  8. Fix front cover The unit’s curved design fits in well with the home environment and the cover is secured by quarter turn fixings. The units allow for compliance with Part M of the latest building regulations.

The Consumer Units from Hager - Flush fit

The Hager range of flush fit consumer units are up to 25 percent faster to fit in both solid and partition walls.
  • For partition walls, a flange and frame clamps the unit to the wall. There is no need for separate fixings, the unit simply slots into the prepared hole and the integral fixing screws are tightened.
  • With solid brick walls, the installer refits the flange to the sides of the back box and uses it as a fixing bracket to secure the base unit to the wall. This allows the base unit to be held well away from the edge of the blocks or bricks and the plastering can be levelled to the edge of the base. The front cover can then be fixed from the front.
  • There is a choice of 32mm or 25mm knockouts for the incoming cable. You can also fit the back box either way up, so the incomer cable can enter from the top or bottom from either the left or the right. Similarly for the outgoing cables, two removable plates at the top and bottom of the box allow the choice of slotted, overlap or 20mm knockouts from either the top or the bottom.
  • When it comes to cabling, there is plenty of space between the devices and the terminal bars. The neutral and earth bars are aligned with the devices at the top of the board for easy access and there are no restrictions under the DIN rail to obstruct cable runs.
  • A full metal DIN rail minimizes distortion and ensures that devices fit square in the unit and are not dislodged. A clip on the device makes them easy to remove and replace, without releasing others from the busbar.
  • Finally you can mount a label on either the cover of the unit or on the devices. There is a recessed section on the board for an RCD label to meet wiring regulations.
To purchase Hager consumer units(including 17th Edition Consumer units), please visit the Consumer Units, Domestic Consumer Units, Hager Consumer Units or Industrial and Commercial Consumer Units - Hager. This guide is part of the official guide by Hager: CU Inside Out. Watch the Consumer Unit 17th Edition regulations movie from Hager for more details about the 17th edition consumer units.