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Hager Guide to Commercial Installations(5) - building regulations and the Invicta Type B Boards

  2010-12-10         admin         Advice » Consumer Units Advice,   Installation Guides
This is the last part(part 5) of the Hager Guide to the Commercial Installations(read more about the Type B Distribution Boards and compliance with standards, the cable entry + the isolation and switching, Protection against fault current, use skilled persons!, and Protection against electric shock and overvoltage), dealing with: the Building regulations, Saving energy, The Invicta Type B distribution boards, and a final question: Why specify Invicta Type B boards? Read / download the complete Hager Commercial Installations guide as a pdf online.

The Hager Commercial Installations and the Building regulations

The Approved Documents L2A and L2B provide guidance to the technical requirements of the Building Regulations in respect to the conservation of fuel and power. While they only affect England and Wales, the principle is still useful for the rest of the UK. Part of these approved documents is to provide the owner with relevant energy meters so that at least 90% of the annual energy consumption can be traced to end use categories – such as heating, lighting or power. To help achieve this, you should install an incoming meter for every building that has a floor area greater than 500m2. In addition, CIBSE TM 39 recommends sub meters should be provided for a final electrical distribution board that has an input power greater than 50kW.

In order to segregate the energy used by different services, such as lighting and power, you can either use two boards which each have separate meters or you might consider using a lighting and power metered board.

Saving energy and the Hager Distribution Boards

Conservation of power cannot just be about measurement. It is also about using efficient systems and controls. Timers and photocells help ensure that energy is used efficiently. More sophisticated control such as knx/tebis bus based systems also offer solutions. Such controls are often DIN rail mounted so provision of extension boxes provides a neat and functional purpose.

The Invicta Type B distribution boards

Hager has developed its new Invicta Type B boards as a solution for modern commercial installations. Electrical distribution is at the heart of a building’s services. Modern distribution systems must enable designs that meet the demands of the 17th Edition, the need for more metering and the demands for energy efficient solutions through control devices or building management systems. The new Invicta range of Type B boards makes it easier for you to design and install electrical distribution systems that meet the needs of today and the future.

Why specify Invicta Type B boards?

This is the last part of the Hager Full Guide to the Commercial Installations – read the previous articles about