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Hager Switch Disconnectors - the features and benefits of the switch disconnectors from Hager

  2010-08-23         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
We have thoroughly introduced the Hager Consumer Units(inside and out), the 17th Edition Consumer Units from Hager(split load with twin RCCB incomer or the ones with Twin RCCB incomer with unprotected ways), the choices and accessories for the Hager Consumer Units, and the Surface mounted / Flush Hager Consumer Units. Now, via the Energy Distribution Hager we were reminded of the Hager Switch Disconnectors. The Hager switch disconnector range has been designed to complement the fuse combination switches, TP&N and panelboard ranges.

A Hager Switch Disconnector can be used in all types of circuits. All switches have a green / red indication on the handle giving positive contact indication. The Hager Switch Disconnectors have also been designed to provide adequate cabling space without the need for additional cable spreader boxes.

The operation of the Hager switch disconnector is through a door mounted rotary handle, which mechanically interlocks to prevent access to live conductors when the switch is in the ON position.

The Hager Switch Disconnector handle is padlocked in the OFF position.

The Hager range of switch disconnectors further complements the existing comercial range giving a range of enclosed switch disconnectors to IP65 for individual isolation. The devices are padlocked in three positions and offer plenty of cabling space. Clip on auxiliary contacts can be fitted retrospectively.

You can purchase the Hager Domestic Consumer Units or the Hager Industrial / Commercial Consumer Units online, and take a look at the Hager Switch Disconnectors on our website. For any other models, do not hesitate to contact us.