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Hager Video - Hager advices about the Type B Distribution Boards and the 17th edition of Building Regulations

  2010-09-24         admin         Advice » Rules and Regulations
Great video put out by Hager in their Type B Distribution Boards section, a short clip that explains the new specs of the 17th edition building regulations and the wiring regulations - and how they impact the new Hager Industrial Consumer Units. Also in this video you'll see how someone installs a glazed door distribution board, a new Hager Consumer unit: so simple, so fast, and so up-to-date with all the wiring regs + the existing needs! We have also added some notes taken from the instructions/speech by the presenting person.

Hager Type B Distribution Boards and the Regulations

Electrical distribution has changed over the last few years, especially with the introduction of the part L2 of the Building regulations and, of course, the 17th edition rules and regulations.  More and more RCD protection is required when installing a consumer unit or dealing with the electrical installations.

The Hager Electrical Distribution Boards cable entry

  • The TPN distribution boards are designed by Hager to meet both the practical needs and the wiring regulations(see Hager JK108BG, a Hager 8 way TPN Distribution Board Glazed Door, 17th edition, Invicta 3).
  • Removable plate, and the smooth edged entry, with an area that can be used as a template if there's the need to cut a different pattern for the cables;
  • Saves some time and allows you to cut the desired dimensions for the cables to come in and be connected into the Consumer Unit;

The Hager Industrial Consumer Units Circuit Protection

  • The 17th Edition means: use more RCDs for more safety - especially for the industrial consumer units, you need to use RCDs to reduce the nuisance tripping;
  • Since the RCDs installed in the type B boards are larger than the regular MCBs, there is a great need for the ease of installation inside the board;
  • In the words of the installer, it is very easy to install and lots of room to put the cables in there, lots of room to connect into and fix the cables;

The Hager Distribution Boards Metering

  • Part L2 of the Building Regulations states that 90% of the energy consumed in a building must be monitored. This means that energy monitoring and consumption is a vital part of the whole electrical distribution.
  • An easy fit position for the metering - on a DIN rail position(next to the incomer switch, or mounted in two positions as a two-meter-factory-fit solution) - saves time and cost on installation;

A Hager Industrial Consumer Unit - The Installed board

  • An installed Hager Distribution board meets all the needs of a modern installation, and it also meets the needs of the specifiers and consultants to meet the necessary regulations.
  • Of course, the board is also available in a glazed version which, as per the 17th Edition, allows the ordinary person to see the position of the breaker without opening the door of the distribution board(see Hager JK104BG, Hager 4 way TP&N Distribution Board Glazed Door, 17th edition).
The introduction of the 17th edition has changed the way we approach the electrical installations, and there's more demand for energy saving solutions. Hager has designed the TPN distribution boards to meet the needs of the 17th edition regulations. To purchase the Hager Industrial Consumer Units, visit the Consumer Units section on our website. You can watch this video on youtube here.