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Having a Customer-Oriented Online Store with Electrical Items and Lights

Having a Customer-Oriented Online Store with Electrical Items and Lights

  2014-01-30         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

Creating an online store with the latest and greatest design and ecommerce software behind it is good, but may not lead to a large quantity of online sales.

Having a website with a wide range of electrical products is very good, but may not do the trick.

Having the most accurate description and the best pictures for the products one sells online may still not be enough. Having the best prices on a wide range of products and providing a next-day delivery (see our terms and conditions on delivery) on most items may still not lead to success.

One of the conclusions we got to while selling online via www.sparksdirect.co.uk is that you need to have a customer-oriented online store (yes, an online store!) and business - even in the area of selling electrical items online and offline!

A Customer-Oriented (and Influenced) Online Store Strategy

With the rise of the social media and the online tools for reviewing, sharing, commenting, and chatting, many people do their homework before purchasing things online.

They research to see what's the best price. They check out the technical details. They see the reviews and the comments people leave on such products.

They make sure the items are in stock and the delivery charge is close to £0. And then, when they find the right online store, they ask some more questions online via the website or, in some cases, they pick up the phone and enquire concerning the product they're interested in.

On our website the "Ask a question" tool has brought us much closer to our visitors, many of whom have become our customers in the meantime.

They ask questions and we reply - many times by doing much research and adding the best information to the products they inquire about.

More and more, our online sales strategy is influenced and affected by a desire to satisfy the visitors and customers with all their enquiries and questions. That's all we can say for now, and we hope we're not divulging too much...

Ask Us a Question.... Online!

Ask us a question

We do our best to present accurate and precise information for the items we sell online, but there's always something that you, the one who is interested in a light fitting for example, would like to know more.

Maybe you want to use an LED light bulb with the fitting you're looking at - and the website doesn't mention that. Ask us a question!

Maybe you want to know whether you need a transformer with a certain wall lamp - ask us a question. Or maybe you're interested in buying a large quantity of downlights - ask us a question to find the best price!

We are daily reviewing the questions asked via our website and some of the best ones are being also posted online for others to "watch and learn". We love your questions.

We are driven onward by your questions. We are encouraged by your enquiries.

You, the visitor, are the one who improves the quality of our website by your questions.

We, the ones managing the website and responding to you, are eager to hear from you and to render you the best customer service and the most accurate information on the items you're interested in.

So, Ask Us a Question!