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Heritage Brass Black Nickel Elite and Antique Brass Elite - flat plate and stepped plate ranges

  2009-07-23         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
We have already introduced the Heritage Brass Black Nickel Elite range of switches and sockets(the flat plate and the stepped plate) and the Heritage Brass Antique Brass Elite range of switches and sockets(the stepped plate and the flat plate), but just recently we have actually updated the site and put them online! We're currently working on most of the ranges of Switches and Sockets, the Metal Plate Finish - the Metal Flat Plate:

Some of the Antique Brass Switches and Sockets ranges

Some of the ranges of Black Nickel Elite flat plate/stepped plate from Heritage Brass:
You can purchase online Heritage Brass Metal Plate - flat metal plate or stepped metal plate - wiring devices in Antique Brass Elite or Black Nickel Elite finish - via SparksDirect. Or, visit us in store! :)