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How to install the Forbes and Lomax socket outlets - advice for the electricians and decorators

  2009-08-11         admin         Advice » Switches and Sockets Advice
Forbes and Lomax is one of the high quality wiring accessories manufacturers - switches, sockets, dimmers, low voltage dimmers, connection units, cooker switches, TV/Satellite sockets, etc. In our previous article we wrote some general advices of how to install the switches and dimmers manufactured by Forbes and Lomax; in this article, we go on and present some guidelines of how to install/what should we take care of when we install socket outlets from Forbes & Lomax.

Installing Forbes & Lomax Socket Outlets

Instructions for Electricians and decorators: When installing Forbes and Lomax outlets (Receptacles) it is recommended that you follow the instructions below:
  1. Remove the receptacle from the box and unscrew the screws on the front of the wallplate.
  2. Remove the wallplate and place in a separate plastic bag to prevent damage.
  3. Take great care with all plates. They are very delicate and can easily be damaged by scratching, paint, damp plaster and other building site debris.
  4. Snap all the metal ‘ears’ off the receptacle yoke using pliers. For receptacles with plastic ears, such as the keystone outlets, score with a knife until the ears come away easily.
  5. Ensure that the Handy box is recessed by a minimum of 4mm below the surface of the wall. This is necessary to enable the wallplate to sit flush when fitted. For ease of installation we recommend a two inch deep Handy box.
  6. Cut 4mm deep indents in the wall surface at the top and bottom of the wall box to allow the fixing lugs to sit flush with the surface of the wall. It is most important to ensure that the indent does not encroach anywhere on the wall that the wallplate will not cover up when fitted.
  7. Wire the receptacle in the normal way.
  8. Screw the receptacle rigid into the Handy box using the screws provided. Spacers/shims may be used to bring the fixing lugs level with the surface of the wall enabling the wallplate to attach properly when screwed on.
  9. The “Invisible” receptacles are supplied with a thin, primed aluminum inner plate. The inner plate can be painted to match the walls or used as a template to cut out a piece of wallpaper to fit between the inner plate and the “Invisible” plate. Place the inner plate and wallpaper (if being used) over the receptacle and re-fit the “Invisible” plate.
  10. Do not tighten the screws too much on the ‘Invisible’ wallplates, as they may bow outwards or crack if the screws are too tight.
  11. Do not plaster, paint or paper straight over the wall boxes in case it is necessary to access the receptacle at a later date.
  12. When using the ‘Painted’ range of receptacles, the primed metal wallplate should be painted separately and then fixed to the outlet in the wall when dry. The screws can then be touched in. If a specialist glaze paint is being used it is important to undercoat the receptacles in the same colour as the walls.
  13. Do not fix any wallplates to damp walls.
These instructions are part of the useful information & warranty details Forbes and Lomax attaches to all the wiring accessories they manufacture and we at SparksDirect sell. To find out more about the ranges of the wiring devices manufactured by Forbes and Lomax, visit the Switches and Sockets article list and read more about he Invisible plate range (pictures), the Unlacquered Brass range, the Antique Bronze range, the Nickel Silver range, the painted socket range, or the stainless steel range. You can purchase Forbes and Lomax wiring accessories online - the best prices, next day delivery(for the ranges we have in stock), and more(see our terms and conditions).