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How We Work for the Customer and the Customer Works for Us

How We Work for the Customer and the Customer Works for Us

  2013-04-17         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

We have been thinking a lot about writing something on this topic, based on our observations and history with our customers both online and offline.

Focusing mainly on the online part, we have never met most of our online customers face-to-face, but there's an interesting phenomenon happening, especially since we have the new website.

The best way to describe it is like this: We Work for the Customer and the Customer Works for us. Let us explain...

We Work for the Customer

Sparks Electrical - www.sparksdirect.co.uk - works for YOU. Here's a screenshot of the Outdoor Lights section on our website

There are many things and issues related to the website, especially if that website is an online store. There's a software in the back-end, which most of the visitors and customers have no clue about but enjoy its many functions.

This software needs to be maintained, updated, improved, and backed up continually.

Also, there are many products on our website which need a comprehensive description and technical specifications, including pictures, details, installation, technical specs, wiring instructions, etc.

Some items on the website are on clearance - they "disappear" from the site when they are sold out.

Other items are new: they need a good description and appropriate pictures.

Besides these two, there are many other things related to our working for the customer, from the phone support, customer service, online orders processing, shipping, returns, emails, enquiries, questions, etc.

The Customer "Works for Us"

Take a look at the "Ask us a question" and "Report a lower price" - new functions on our mobile responsive website!

We do our best to "keep our side of the bargain" by taking care of the above mentioned tasks, but with the new version of our website - which is also mobile-friendly! - many of our customers "work for us" by helping us do our job better!

There are two particular functions available on each and every product on our website, "Ask a question" and "Report lower price", and these two functions have been very used by our visitors.

Many people have questions regarding the products on our website and, since we don't yet have a "live chat" / live support on the site, they "ask us a question".

We have been very encouraged to see that our visitors are interested in the products on the website and they want more information - pertinent information, related to the technical specs, the dimensions, the installation, etc.

These questions help us very much - sometime the details we post on the website are incomplete, or some vital pieces of information are missing.

That's when the customer "gently reminds us" of what is needed for a product to show by "asking us a question".

Thank You, Dear Visitors and Customers

We wrote somewhere else a blog post thanking our visitors and customers, and we would like to say it again: thank you!

Though these questions and low price reporting cause us to spend time on searching for information and prices, they also motivate us to improve the quality of the website, the information therein, and the customer service in general.

We are thankful, and we are happy that there's "an invisible interaction" between people who never met but who are interested in the same thing - and thus help each other! Thank you again!

PS. Try visiting our website - www.sparksdirect.co.uk - on your smartphone. You will love it! Be it an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone, or any tablet, you're in for a treat!