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Here's one for your IdeaBooks: LED Bedroom and Living Room Wall Lights

Here's one for your IdeaBooks: LED Bedroom and Living Room Wall Lights

  2017-01-30         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

We have been writing on the blog regarding LED lamps ever since they were a novelty, and now the dream is becoming reality: there more and more LED lights to the point of being able to replace the regular lights!

Do you still use low-voltage ceiling lights? Why not switch to energy-saving LED downlights, many of which come complete with their driver.

Do you still use high-wattage ceiling suspension lamps, that is, ceiling pendants? Simply replace the light bulb with an LED one - even a vintage LED would make you save more money and energy.

The same principle applies to bathroom lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, and even outdoor lights: it's time to switch from high power wattage - which inflat your energy bill - to LED lamps.

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And to give you an idea of some of these LED lamps: how they look, what they could do, and what kind of light they offer, we put together a

LED Bedroom Lights and Living Room Wall Lights

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And if you have some requests of more pictures in different projects or applications, let us know in the comments and we will do our best!

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