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The Illuma Conceal LED striplights, simple to install concealed lighting solution from IllumaLED

  2010-10-19         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Recently, browsing through the new Illuma Catalogue we were impressed again with how simple and energy saving this Illuma Conceal system is - great energy saving solution for interior from IllumaLED!

The Illuma Conceal is so simple and easy to plan, order, and install!

  1. The Illuma Conceal is so Easy to install - plug and play system! As you install it, you will require a live end cable;
  2. Click together the fittings by using end-to-end connectors to create straight runs;
  3. The flexible connectors used to connect the IllumaLED Conceal strips offer versatility in any application.
First of all, the Illuma Conceal LED striplights are a low profile LED system which connects to make up continuous runs. They are ideal for feature lighting in retail and leisure interiors, or for incorporation into bespoke furniture.

The IllumaLED Conceal StripLights Main Features

  • High output LEDs >=70lm/W;
  • The Lamps used / types of Illuma Conceal: # Neutral White version Ra80 and Warm White version Ra95: - Neutral White Clear lens: 6W; - Warm White Clear lens: 6W; - Neutral White Frosted lens: 6W; - Warm White Frosted lens: 6W;
  • Materials: the body is of Extruded aluminium, and the Lens / Ends / Connectors: Injection moulded polycarbonate;
  • Weight: the lamp is 0.09kg;
  • The Illuma Conceal system is composed of: - the lamp itself (see the types above); - the power supply (constant voltage 24V); - the live end cable (max. 3m length); - the dead-end; * you will require one live end cable and dead-end per run; - end-to-end connector; - flexible connector(65mm or 1m lead);
  • More about the Illuma low voltage LED striplights - the IllumaLED Conceal;
  • Buy¬†online these LED strips.

The Illuma Conceal range of Energy Saving LED Striplights is part of the Feature Lighting section from Illuma. The Illuma Feature lighting covers a broad array of lighting elements which extend beyond ambient and accent lighting. They can be used for display, mood or orientation functions, as well as a focus for the eye.