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Illuma Concepta, Illuma Electrospot, Illuma Conceal, and Illuma Shaker in action, Illuma Spotlights applications

  2010-07-09         admin         Product News » Designer Lighting News
Yesterday we posted some more pictures(8 to be more precise) of the Illuma Conceal, Shaker, Electrostar, and Floodline in action - and here we are with more pictures of the Illuma Spotlights Applications(you can find a comprehensive gallery via the Illuma website). In this article we will focus on the Illuma Electrospot applications, Illuma Conceal applications, Illuma Shaker applications, and a combination of the Illuma Electrospot and Illuma Conceal applications. As we have said before, the applications and the places you site these flexible Illuma Track Lights and Spotlights is limited only by your imagination. You purchase them via Sparks & Lights(either by visiting us online or in Archway, North London), and then you can use them for all kinds of small / large highlighting needs. Enjoy the way others already used the Illuma Spotlights....

Application of the Illuma Electrospot in a museum

Illuma Electrospot in a museum - Illuma Track Spotlights

York Castle Museum featuring the Illuma Electrospot track spotlights

Applications of the Illuma Conceal LED striplight in a store

Vision Express, Westfield, London, featuring the Illuma Conceal lights

Donna Ida, Westfield, London, featuring the Illuma Conceal striplights

Applications of the Illuma Shaker Spotlights in a museum

Bagshaw Museum, Batley, featuring the Illuma Shaker LED spotlights

The Illuma Shaker spotlights installed in the Bagshaw Museum, Batley

Illuma Electrospot and Illuma Concepta in the university bar

Grizedale Bar, Lancaster University, featuring the Illuma Electrospot and Concepta

Excellent usage of the Illuma Electrospot and Concepta in the Grizedale Bar in Lancaster University

If you want to see more applications of the Illuma Track Spotlights, visit the Illuma LED Shaker Lights and Conceal Lights, the Illuma Floodline in sports halls, the Illuma Concepta spots in a church, the Illuma Electrostar and Electrospot in museums, the Illuma Rocket and 1-circuit tracks in display lighting, the low voltage track lights Illuma Track12 and Marktrack, the Illuma Lumapar and Shaker spotlights, the Illuma Conceal and Concepta in a sushi place, and the Illuma Conceal lights in Selfridges Oxford Street.