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Illuma Concepta Spotlights applications in a church and in highlighting and display in shops

  2010-01-28         admin         Product News » Designer Lighting News
Fully introduced previously on our blog - Robust diecast tracklights, the Concepta range from Illuma - and also with some interesting applications in a shop/display lighting, the Illuma Concepta Range can offer much more than you can think of. Being such a robust track / surface mounted range of spotlights, the Concepta range from Illuma can help you in all your highlighting needs for either display shops, exhibitions, paintings, churches, museums, galleries, etc. Below we compiled another series of pictures showing the Illuma Concepta in a church and in a shop for display highlighting. Enjoy and be inspired...

Illuma Concepta Spotlights in action - application in a church

Illuma Concepta Spot Lights in small or large shops - Display Lighting with Concepta Spotlights

As you can see from these pictures, features that seem un-important or even un-discoverable in normal conditions are being highlighted and emphasized by using these robust spotlights, the Illuma Concepta Track Spotlights or Surface Mounted Spots! They can be used either in small venues(small shops with small display lighting needs) or in large areas(the churches, restaurants, meeting halls, large venues, etc - with great lighting needs) - you name it! We may come back to the Illuma Concepta Spotlights applications later, but if you want to purchase them, check out the Illuma Track Systems & the Concepta Track Spot Lights.