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Illuma Electrospot(timeless design), mains track or surface mounted spotlights

  2009-10-17         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The Illuma ElectroSpot range of track lights has a timeless design for use on mains track or surface mounting. This range is ideal for both highlighting and general lighting. The quality of lighting is given also by the new illumaled lamp technology. The Electrospot is part of a stylish, highly-tooled range of 12V spotlights with integral electronic transformer for use on mains-voltage track or for surface mounting. This range is ideal for highlighting and general lighting in retail, commercial and domestic applications - it is particularly suitable where the benefits of 12V lighting are required with the flexibility of a mains-voltage installation. Read more about the features of the Electrospot range, the ease of installation, the lamp description, some technical data, the materials used, and the Illuma Electrospot versions available.

Illuma Track Lights - Illuma Electrospot - general features

  • Glare ring twists off for easy lamp change;
  • Short circuit and thermal overload protection;
  • Can be used with most types of dimmer, including leading & trailing edge;
  • Ideal for both highlighting and general lighting in retail, commercial and domestic applications;
  • Standard track version for Illuma 1-circuit track; surface mounting version;
  • Other track versions can be made to order: for Concord, Global and Thorn 1-circuit track (order TH365X/G1 etc); for Global 3-circuit track (order TH365X/G3 etc);
  • Surface-mounting version, pendants;
  • Finishes available: White, black, or silver-grey finish;
  • Attachments: barn-door and colour filters;
  • The Illuma Electrospot Quality features: - Integral electronic transformer with soft-start maintains lamp life; - Short circuit and thermal overload protection; - F-marked: suitable for direct mounting on flammable surfaces; - Guaranteed for five years.

The Illuma Electrospot Installation - the ease

  • Easy installation and removal from track.
  • The adaptor locks the spotlight positively to the track and on standard version incorporates a switch for individual switching.
  • Surface spotlights are pre-wired to a 10A terminal block.

The Electrospot Lamp Description

  • High-intensity light output;
  • Bright, white light;
  • Precise beam control;
  • Wide selection of wattages and beam angles;
  • Energy saving and longer lamp life compared with standard incandescent lamps;
  • Lamp type: MR16 12V(20W 350 lumens; 35W 600 lumens; 50W 950 lumens);
  • Lamp life: 3000h;
  • Lamp Holder GX5.3 / GU5.3.

More Technical Data about the ElectroSpot Track Lights

  • Cut out diameter: 0mm;
  • IP Rating: IP20;
  • Weight: 0.28kg;
  • Input Voltage: 240V;
  • Transformer: Integral Electronic;
  • Dimming: Built in individual dimmer control;
  • Finishes available: WH (White), SG (Silver Grey), BL (Black).

The Materials used in Illuma ElectroSpot TrackLights

  • The Body: Moulded, Glass-filled Polycarbonate;
  • The Lampholder: Ceramic;
  • The Stem: Moulded, Glass-filled Polycarbonate;
  • The Finish: Powder-Coated.

The Electrospot Track Lights Versions available

  • LED M/M MR4 - integral power supply c/w LEDs: - TLED3604NW014/S (8W Neutral White, LED 14º beam, 1-circuit track adaptor, 0.5kg), - TLED3604WW014/S (8W, Warm White LED, 14º beam, 1-circuit track adaptor, 0.50kg)
  • MR16 12V - integral transformer - - TH365X/S (50W max, 1-circuit track adaptor, 0.30kg); - TH365X/SD/S (50W max, 1-circuit track adaptor, Self dim, 0.30kg); - TH465X (50W max, Surface mounting plate, 0.3kg)
  • Attachments - TH75 - Barn Door ## All these models are available in 3 finishes: White, Sating Grey, or Black.

Don't forget: you can purchase the Illuma Electrospot range at SparksDirect - Lights, Ceiling Lights, Surface Spots/Track Systems, Track Systems, Illuma Track Lights. Read more about the Illuma Track Lights via our Articles about Lights, more specifically about: