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Illuma on IllumaLED, LEDs - features, benefits, LED applications

  2009-07-16         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Besides the all-too-well-known-and-used incandescent lamps(of which the 100W/150W light bulbs are being pulled out of the market in UK), the halogen lamps or the compact fluorescent light fittings/lamps, there are the LEDs - a relatively new technology with a low voltage input and high wattage output, including a long-life usage of lamp. Below is a short guide compiled from the Illuma specs concerning the LEDs and the LED applications.

LEDs - Features and Benefits

  • The LEDs have a long lifetime - 50,000 hour life - 10-12 year average installation life - Lower service and maintenance cost - Lower total ownership cost
  • The LEDs have solid state components - Robust and reliable lighting systems - Simple electronic control - Switching / dimming / programming / sequencing
  • The LEDs are in Small sizes - Varied optical control design by reflectors and lenses - Enables flexibility in product design - Performance specific arrays available
  • Other LEDs basic light characteristic - No ultra violet component - No forward thermal component - Continuous development of efficacy and CRI for job specific solutions
  • LEDs Colour options - Wide variety of single colours - Red, Green, Blue and Amber mixing provides a limitless colour palette

The Illumaled System

The customer's requirements and the technology updates tend to be on the opposite sides of the same equation. Illuma has researched the customers’ expectations, and with their LED technology partner, Dialight, has developed a range of products that maximise performance to provide meaningful solutions.

As in any other lighting systems, the challenge here is to optimise the dynamic relationship between the essential elements – the light source, optical control, power supply and control - and the thermal engineering. Also important is integration of the system into fittings, their electro-mechanical installation and their service and maintenance. The illumaled system is the start of what will be a continual development of LED solutions for consideration by specifiers and contractors. Our confidence is validated by our 5 year guarantee.

The IllumaLED solutions are the innovative light source for the 21st century.
Some recent developments in efficacy (lumens per watt) and colour rendering (CRI) have made LEDs realistic contenders for consideration by lighting specifiers.

Some of the illumaled Products

Buy online Illuma Track Lights, Illuma downlights, LED light fittings, and all kinds of LED lamps via SparksDirect.co.uk. Soon, we will post more about the LED lights, the LED technology - it is quite a revolutionizing industry/technology.