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Illuma Quality and Safety, lights, tracklights and track systems

  2009-05-11         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Illuma is one of the High End manufacturers of Lighting Systems, among which you can find Surface Spots, Track Systems, Spotlights, and also all kind of light bulbs and fittings for both domestic and commercial use. Below is the Illuma Quality and Safety policy for their products(pdf file here).

Illuma Quality Assurance

All Illuma Light Fixtures are designed, manufactured and tested under quality assurance standards in accordance with BS EN 9001:2000. They are also designed in accordance with EN 60598. All our products are supported by a 5 Year Guarantee.

Illuma ENEC Compliance

The European Norm Electromechanical Certification(ENEC) has been adopted as a common mark of conformity to European Standards. A mark issued by any single national approval body implies compliance with all 17 national bodies. The ENEC mark now replaces national test house symbols and is appended by a number which indicates the test house which issued compliance approval.

Illuma CE Marking

The CE mark indicates compliance with the requirements of:
  1. The low voltage directive for electrical safety (73/23/EEC as amended by 93/96/EEC).
  2. The EMC directive for electro-magnetic compability (2004/108/EC as amended by 92/31/EEC).

Illuma Lights - Voltage

All fittings and transformers are supplied primarily for operation on 230V 50Hz circuits. For alternative electrical specifications contact Technical Support Department.

Illuma Electrical Protection EN 60598 : 2000

  • Class 1: fittings comply with Class 1(I) - earthed electrical requirements(i.e. have functional insulation in all parts, plus an earth termination)
  • Class 2: fittings comply with Class 2(II) - double insulated electrical requirements(i.e. have complete insulation in all parts, withough an earth termination). In the event of an electrical fault, no dangerous voltage can reach touchable metal parts.
  • Class 3: fittings comply with Class 3(III) - electrical requirements(i.e. where protection against electrical shock relies on supply at safety extra-low voltages(SELV) and in which voltages higher than those of SELV are not generated.

Illuma - Inflammability of Surface Protection EN 60598 : 2000

The F Mark: Fittings comply with installation requirements for mounting flammable surfaces.

Illuma Radio Suppression EN 55015, EN 61000 and EN 61547

Fittings comply with radio interference suppression standards and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.

You can find the Illuma Track Systems and the Illuma Spotlights under the Illuma Lights, Ceiling Lights, Surface Spots, Illuma Track Systems, Illuma Tracks(which section, by the way, has at least 4 pages of Illuma tracks, 1-circuit connectors, tracks, spotlights, T-connector, centre feed, switches, adaptors, adjustable connectors, suspension wires, etc). Also, you can find Illuma downlights(the recessed fixed downlights from Illuma) at the Recessed Spotlights section. For any more specific enquiries about the Illuma lights, do not hesitate to contact us.