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Illuma Torp Aluminium Metal Halide Spotlights for accent lighting in retail and commercial environments

  2010-06-07         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Illuma has recently put out a new range of spotlights - the Illuma Torp Metal Halide Spotlights - available in either 35W or 70W, each category coming in different degrees of spotlight inclination - 10 degrees, 24 degrees, or 35 degrees, to meet the specific needs in retail, leisure, or commercial lighting environments. The Illuma Torp is a bold range of aluminium, metal halide spotlights. At the same time, the Illuma Torp is a flexible solution for accent lighting in retail, leisure and commercial environments.

The integral electronic gear provides constant power, shuts off faulty lamps to eliminate pulsing and protect the gear, gives flicker-free lighting, improved colour maintenance and virtually silent. Read more below about the Illuma Torp Features, some of the applications, the installation, and the lamp description.

The Illuma Torp Spotlights for 1-circuit track mounting - Features

  • Supplied complete with lamp;
  • Supplied with safety glass;
  • Front ring easily removes for lamp changing;
  • Range of beam angles and wattages available: - Illuma Torp 35W Track Spotlights - Torp Spotlight 10° beam (THQK303510), Torp Spotlight 24° beam(THQK303524), and Torp Spotlight 45° beam(THQK303545) - all models available in white, satin gray, and black finish; - Illuma Torp 70W Track Spotlights - Torp Spotlight 10°(THQK307010), Torp Spotlight 24° beam(THQK307024), and Torp Spotlight 45° beam(THQK307045) - all models available in white, satin gray, and black finish;
  • Cylindrical design reduces mounting profile for retail and commercial applications;
  • All models have a 1 circuit track adaptor;
  • All the Torp Spotlights use a lamp type CDM-T Metal Halide;
  • Integral Electronic Control Gear c/w Lamp;
  • Lamp cap: G12;
  • Materials used for body and trim: diecast aluminium;
  • Weight: 1.47kg;
  • Fully adjustable: body rotates 355°, lighting head tilts 90°. Note: the Illuma Torp spotlights are not suitable for vertical mounting.

The Illuma Torp 1-circuit track mounted spotlights - Applications

The Illuma Torp range of spotlights is ideal for highlighting and general lighting in retail, leisure and commercial applications, particularly where high levels of illumination are required with low maintenance and running costs. Below you can see some of the applications of the Illuma Torp Spotlights.

The Illuma Torp Spotlights - easy installation

  • Easy installation and removal from track.
  • The adaptor locks the spotlight positively to the track and incorporates a switch for individual switching.
  • Twist-and-lock front ring easily removed for lamp replacement.
  • Comprehensive instructions are supplied.

The Lamp description - Illuma Torp 1-circuit mounted Spotlights

  • Crisp, white light;
  • Excellent colour rendering;
  • Output blends well with light from 12V tungsten halogen lamps;
  • Long life reduces maintenance costs;
  • IP Rating: IP20;
  • Weight: 1.47kg;
  • Input Voltage: 240V;
  • Dimming: Not Suitable for Dimming;
  • Dimensions: width 117mm, total height 250mm, spot length 316mm;
  • Materials: extruded aluminium;
  • Gear: electronic;
  • Finish: powder coated;
  • Lamp type: CDM-T, cap: G12
  • Wattages: 35W(0.22 lamp current, 3300 lumens, 12k hours lamp life) or 70W(0.43 lamp current, 6600 lumens, 12k lamp life);

To purchase online the Illuma Torp Spotlights - metal halide spotlights for accent lighting, available at different lamp inclination / angle degrees - visit the Illuma Track Lights and Spotlights, and more specifically: Illuma Torp 35W or 70W Spotlights.