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Illuma track lighting systems, the track12, miniature 20A track system

  2009-11-13         admin         Product News » Lighting News

The Illuma Track12 12V Track Systems

The Illuma Track12 is a miniature 20A track system which is ideal for where space is tight or neatness is paramount. The sections of this track system are supplied with pre-drilled fixing holes & come complete with live-end/connector & dead-end. The Track12 range of track light fittings are ideal for linear strip lighting or display lighting in retail, commercial and domestic applications. More features of the Track12 range:
  • Comprehensive range: This range takes Floodlights and spotlights, white or black finish (all).
  • F-marked: suitable for direct mounting on flammable surfaces. Guaranteed for five years (except lamps).
  • Track lengths are supplied with pre-drilled fixing holes and with a live-end/connector and dead-end: no additional connectors are needed for straight runs.
  • Can be cut to the length required. Comprehensive instructions are included.
  • The materials this fitting is made of is Extruded Polycarbonate & ABS mix.
  • A laminated transformer is available up to 300VA, but the track must not be loaded beyond 240W.

The Illuma Track12 Lamp Description

  • Crisp, white light.
  • Excellent colour rendering.
  • Output blends well with light from 12V tungsten halogen lamps.
  • Long life reduces maintenance costs.
  • Energy-efficient: up to 8 times the lumens per watt of a GLS lamp.

The Illuma Track12 Technical data

  • IP Rating: IP20.
  • Weight: 0.20kgs.
  • Input Voltage: 12V.
  • Dimming: Suitable for Dimming.
The Illuma Track12 - Track Lights - is Composed of

Left: Illuma Live-End for the Illuma Track12 Track(buy online). Right: Illuma Track12 TL4 12V 1134MM Track (buy online).

Left: Illuma Track12 Corner. Right: Illuma Track12 Adjustable.

Buy online the Illuma Track12 lights - for small spaces. More about the Illuma Track Systems:

The Illuma Track lighting systems are probably the most versatile lighting tool for galleries, exhibitions, retail and other display applications, allowing fixtures to be positioned precisely where required. The track systems can be mounted directly onto ceilings or walls, or they can be suspended from ceilings in higher spaces and miniature track systems can be located inside shelves or display cases.

The Illuma track systems come in two types – the low voltage track systems(with a remote transformer), or the mains voltage track systems(with one or three circuits; most of the TrackLights ranges we introduced until now - the Highspot rangethe Concepta rangethe Topspot range, the Electrospot range, the Lumapar range, the Electrostar range, the Rocket range, the Project 95 range, the Proseal range, or the Lumaseal range - are 1-circuit/3-circuit mains voltage track lights). While the principal use of track systems is for accent lighting, they can also be used for linear fluorescent wallwashers or floodlights for lighting large areas. An extension to the 3-circuit track is the new ‘Grid’ product, which allows greater flexibility for accent lighting. It is mounted between suspended 3-circuit track configurations and has its own range of spotlights. What you just read about is some vital information about the Illuma Track12 12V miniature track systems - Ideal for display cupboards(cupboard track lights) - like jewelry shops, figurines, fashion clothes, etc.