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IllumaLED Spotlights: Be smart and save energy when using spots!

IllumaLED Spotlights: Be smart and save energy when using spots!

  2012-08-23         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

In this day and age when everyone does their best to save the energy to save the planet and reduce the carbon footprint, it seems that the more people try to do this the more energy is consumed.

It is not as easy as doing your best to use energy saving solutions everywhere. There needs to be some planning and designing of the light fittings...

Note: the Illuma Shaker spots are no longer available; here are the existing spots from Illuma at Sparks.

It's Time to Use LED Spotlights!

IllumaLED Spotlights: Be smart and save energy when using spots!Why use any other spotlights when you can use the LED spots?!?

You can use the compact fluorescent ones, the metallic halides, or other low energy solutions, but the absolute energy saving solutions are the LEDs.

In the, Essential Steps to Energy Saving, we were recommending that the LEDs are the best solutions for reducing the carbon footprint and saving both energy and money.

When it comes to retail lighting or even lighting in the kitchen at home, in the office, in the study room, in displays, etc, it is recommended to use spotlights.

Remember: the LEDs are the most innovative light source for the 21st century!

Make sure you use LED spotlights and not high wattage and high power consumption spots!

Recent developments in efficacy (lumens per watt) and colour rendering (CRI) have made the LEDs realistic contenders for consideration by lighting specifiers.

Features and Benefits of IllumaLED spots

  • Long Life: 50,000 hour life (average rated lamp life). This means 10-12 year average installation life (based on 12 hours per day). Also, there's lower service and maintenance cost and lower total ownership cost.
  • Solid state components: The LED spots are robust and reliable lighting systems with a simple electronic control and fully usable with switching / dimming / programming / sequencing.
  • Small in size: There are varied optical control design by reflectors and lenses which enables flexibility in product design, and there are performance specific arrays available.
  • Basic light characteristics: there are no ultra violet components, no forward thermal component, and there's a continuous development of efficacy and CRI for job specific solutions.
  • Color Options: the LEDs come in a wide variety of single colors and also color changing. The Red, Green, Blue and Amber mixing provides a limitless colour palette.

Be Smart: use IllumaLED Spotlights!

The good people at Illuma have researched the customers expectations and they developed a wide range of products - LED spotlights - that maximise the performance of the lights to provide a meaningful lighting solution.

As guaranteed by Illuma, the IllumaLED system is the start of what will be a "continual development of LED solutions" ideal both for specifiers and contractors.

Check out the IllumaLED spotlights and light fittings at Sparks for more information and more specific solutions. This article is inspired from the, Illuma Catalog - introduction.