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Indirect Xenon Strip Light System, the X-Flex Xenon StripLights - concealed Xenon strip lights

  2010-10-26         admin
In the fast paced world of design, the X-Flex Xenon Striplight is the perfect solution for providing mood lighting in almost any application or project. The X-Flex 24v low voltage Xenon strip light system utilising the Flow Sealed Xenon lamp with a 20,000 hour lamp life guarantee. The system uses variable lamp centres which alter the amount of throw of light and at what distance liner light is achieved. The X-Flex is available in a two colour temperatures, 2500k Warm White & 4000k Cool White and a variety of wattages. RGB colour mixing and coloured effects can be easily achieved with the addition of removable filters available in a range of colours. The X-Flex lamps are dimmable with most domestic and commercial lighting systems and dimmers - see an example of a virtual house with the X-Flex Xenon Lights system installed. The electronic transformers work on both leading & trailing edge controllers.

Furthermore, the X-Flex System is comprised of a two part assembly mounted on an extremely pliable 2 core cable, which makes it an excellent product for any curved recess application. The X-Flex Xenon light is a bespoke product that can be made to customers exact requirements or can be purchased in kit form for onsite installation. Also, the X-Flex is to be used in dry locations. When moisture is a concern, then use the X-Ternal version of the product which is mounted within an IP65 Rated enclosure. The same channel and difusser can be used internally if required. The X-Flex Lighting System and transformers include a 2 year guarantee.

About the X-Flex Xenon Lamp Spacings

The X-Flex Xenon Lights System allows for variable lamp spacings to help achieve the preferred level of light, whilst ensuring linear light is accomplished. By using the provided graph, you can see when linear light will be achieved at each of the most popular lamp centres. The closest available is 50mm. i.e. at 50mm lamp spacing, linear light is achieved in 35mm from the lamp. This is the distance required from the lamp to the reflective surface.

The X-Flex Xenon Lamps Mounting Options

The X-Flex System has several mounting options available to it. The first is the fixing screws (supplied) which go straight through the centre of the assembly into the mounting surface. Where this is not desired, then double sided tape or hook & eye can easily be used. Alternatively, the aluminum mounting channel is available up to 2m lengths which the X-Flex slides into and can then be fixed with the optional mounting brackets. Difuser and end caps are also available. With the addition of an IP rated end cap, the X-Flex Xenon Lights System can be used safely outdoors and in other wet environments.

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