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Why Infrared Patio Heaters can be better than Gas Patio Heaters this Winter

Why Infrared Patio Heaters can be better than Gas Patio Heaters this Winter

  2018-12-14         sparksdirect         Product News » Heating News

Long have the British public retreated back to the stuffy confines of their house due to the weather suddenly turning Arctic on them, and who's to blame them - even a hot chocolate can't fight off the -5 degrees chill outside...

Well, we here at Sparks may have found a solution in our selection of infrared halogen patio heaters, which will allow you to enjoy clear, beautiful winter skies from your porch.

Problems with using a Conventional Gas Patio Heater for your Garden

When it comes to gas heaters the reality is that they're incredibly energy inefficient. 

A standard 13 kg of natural gas can warm an area of up to 25 square meters for 12 hours but could heat the same area in an enclosed area for 120 hours.

The amount of energy uselessly dissipating in outdoor areas is simply staggering and takes its toll on the environment.

The reason for this gross inefficiency is to do with convection, the method through which traditional heaters work.

They heat the air and surfaces around your body, eventually leading to your body warming up, almost like a chain reaction.

The first problem with this is that it takes quite a while for you to feel the benefits of convection heating, and you don't want to be standing round outside freezing your socks off on a cold winter's evening.

And this is just the start; the waste of heat with traditional gas heaters is extraordinary.

As a Guardian columnist puts it when discussing the pros and cons of outdoor heaters, traditional patio heaters:

‘Kick out the equivalent emissions of a speeding truck, but unlike with vehicles there is nothing filtering or reducing their polluting gases.
In 2008, EU ministers even discussed the possibility of outlawing patio heaters when they realized their wasteful nature.

There was an argument that if a car were to be left running for a year it would emit three tonnes of carbon dioxide, yet if the same was done with a gas heater it would produce four tonnes.

There is also the price consideration to take into account - gas patio heaters can take £1.20 to run, when compared the average running cost of an electric heater - 15 pence per hour.

Still, people don't want to hurry home at the end of a fantastic night, at an outdoor bar for instance, because of the cold, but what is the alternative?

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Why Infrared Patio Heaters are the way forward

Why Infrared Patio Heaters are the way forward

Infrared-based patio heaters bring all types of advantages to the table, such as in the lack of warming up period you'd get with a gas patio heater.

Infrared heaters heat objects and people directly, by creating a solid movement of heat in the body through optimum blood circulation, which generates a feeling of warmth. The lack of warming up time is just one among many reasons that infrared patio heaters are a fantastic way to heat the exterior areas of your home.

  • The costs of infrared heaters are far lower than that of electrical convection heaters. For instance, 600w of the infrared panel would provide the same amount of heating comfort as 1500w convection.
  • The spread of energy is seen to be more 'consistent', meaning that heat is dispersed in a more even way and prevents any annoying 'cold patches'. These are seen with convection heating and often lead to cold air convalescing at the floor level, biting at people's ankles while their upper bodies remain warm.
  • Infrared rays may reduce mould by keeping a relatively even temperature even in an outdoor environment.
  • Health benefits of infrared could include developing immune functionality, detoxing and reducing joint stiffness. Infrared is also seen to be useful in cases with people with health conditions such as asthma or bronchitis.
Here is an article outlining what infrared patio heaters are and the best places they can be used.

They are associated with outdoor pubs but can be used across all kinds of buildings and establishments, both commercial and domestic.

We at Sparks embrace infrared heaters :)

the BN Thermic HWP2-B black / white patio heater, a 1.5KW IP55 rated halogen heater ideal for both indoor and outdoor heating. The HWP2 halogen heater provides safe and instant warmth in a variety of outdoor environments.

For instance, the 1300K Knightsbridge is a joy to behold and use. An IP24 rated outdoor infrared heat, which is particularly environmentally friendly and eco-efficient when compared to gas heaters.

With directional fitting, a 50mm pole bracket supplied, and adaptability for pole mounting for added convenience.

This patio heater can heat up your garden exterior or porch this Christmas season, as it can be attached to any area where it is most called upon for.

On a similar scale, let's not forget about the BN Thermic 1.5kW patio heater (coming in white or black) with an IP rating of IP55, which is convenient for turning on even when it's rainy or wet outside.

Just imagine the merriment people will get from enjoying wonderful frosty nights outside, merrily eating and drinking, protected all the while by some innovative Infrared technology.

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Now is the time - invest in smart, energy-saving, cost-saving infrared patio heaters this Christmas!