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Install a fan assisted heater in the suspended ceiling to heat up the shop / entrance!

Install a fan assisted heater in the suspended ceiling to heat up the shop / entrance!

  2011-12-05         sparksdirect         Product News » Heating News,   Advice » Heating Advice

For some reason today it started being even colder than normal - the winter is not only on the way but it is here already! For a homeowner it is simple: close the windows, close the door, and make sure the heater is on!

When it comes to a retail shop, changing rooms, entrance areas in buildings, large venues with suspended ceilings, etc - how do you heat up and maintain a pleasant warm atmosphere?

There is a solution - the Fan Assisted Heaters for the 600 x 600 mm ceiling grid tiles! The BN Thermic SCHG30 fan-assisted ceiling heater provides warm inviting commercial premises.

The ceiling mounting position for this fan-assisted heater allows free use of floor and wall space, an important consideration in retail premises!

First class whole life value from a product built to the highest possible standard and designed to give many years of trouble free service - the BN Thermic SCHG30 fan assisted heater is of an excellent quality offering first class heating in shops, retail, changing rooms, entrance areas, etc.

SCHG-30 Fan-Assisted Ceiling Heater - Features

  • This SCH heater is installed in a suspended ceiling and allows free use of floor and wall space;
  • Shallow depth: Insert depth of only 153mm;
  • Designed to rest in the T bar of a 600 x 600 suspended ceiling grid;
  • Air inlet and outlet through front panel: no requirement for air supply from the ceiling void;
  • White aluminium egg-crate diffuser;
  • Airflow: 220m3/h; weight: 9kg;
  • Recommended mounting height: 2.5 - 3.0m;
  • Pre-wired to rear-mounted terminal enclosure;
  • Auto-reset over-temperature protection;
  • A simple reduction in output by removal of link in rear mounted enclosure (3kW reduced to 2kW);
  • Low running costs by selecting from a range of control options;
  • Specifically designed for quick hassle-free installation;
  • More technical specs and wiring/installation instructions (pdf file);

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