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Install a quality Aico smoke/heat alarm system in a fraction of the time!

  2009-07-13         admin         Safety » Fire Safety
Save time and money in choosing and installing the smoke/heat/fire alarms - choose the Aico Fire Alarms / Aico Smoke Alarms / Aico Heat alarms - domestic alarms and alarm systems. These alarms incorporate wireless communication for mains powered smoke and heat alarms - RadioLINK.

RadioLINK benefits - briefly

  • The installation time is greatly reduced. You don't need to lift the floorboards and the carpets, and the level of user disruption is minimum.
  • The "Easi-Fit" technology applied/incorporated saves further time and money on every installation of the fire/smoke/heat alarms.
  • These alarms have a wireless interconnection(no need to hard-wire their connection) and a zoning capability(you can plan/divide the house into zones, assigning each alarm to a zone);
  • The interconnection cost is fixed, actually it is included in the cost of the devices;
  • The radio transceiver technology used has been tried, tested and proven for a while now;
  • This system is fully upgradeable - future proof fire alarm system;
  • The risk of accidental mis-wiring is minimal;
  • False alarms - no false alarms from normal electrical transients;
  • The usage of the Easi-Fit alarms has proven to be an excellent idea in millions of installation nationwide;
  • There is a wide range of optional devices available: - The remote control switch(Ei411H) - only for use with the Ei160RC series(the Ei161RC, Ei164RC, and Ei166RC models); - the Manual call point Ei407; - The relay module Ei428; - The alarm for the deaf Ei170RF.

So, why not save time, trouble, and money with the Aico RadioLINK devices!

RadioLINK - wireless interconnection of the smoke/heat alarms
RadioLINK is the only mains-powered smoke and heat alarm system that interconnects not via hard-wiring but via a radio signal(not cable wiring but wireless). What you need to do is to simply install each alarm with an Aico Ei168RC RadioLINK base and then wire them to the nearest light fitting. Activate the House-Code switch on each of the units in the system - now all the alarms on the system will sound if any one of them detects fire! They are inter-connected via the RadioLINK technology.

Major Time Savings with RadioLINK Because there is no need to run cables and fix them in the walls/ceilings, causing a good mess in the process, you can complete the installation in a fraction of time! All you need to do is to just connect / wire the heat/smoke alarm to the nearest light fitting for power supply.

RadioLINK - in conjunction with EasiFit This wireless interconnection technology, RadioLINK, features the unique and patented Easi-Fit installation system that has been widely positively received and acclaimed by the contractors and domestic installers. This way of installing the fire / smoke / heat alarms ensures that you save even more time on every installation.

Ideal for Larger Systems and HMO's With RadioLINK, a larger alarm system can be installed easily quickly, with a minimum disruption. This wireless technology of interconnecting the fire alarms also allows simple alarm zoning and setup as optional ancillary devices such as the manual call points, the remote signalling relays, etc.

Special Needs compatible The RadioLINK technology and devices can also meet additional system requirements very simply and easily - whether it is providing warning for deaf persons (see Aico Ei170RF), installing a relay (see Aico Ei428) to signal to a Warden Call System, or providing a switch (see Aico Ei411H) to control a system without having to climb on a chair to access the alarms.

Unique House Coding The RadioLINK units have a simple and unique coding system for the use of installation. The activating of the House-Code switch on all the units allows the RadioLINK alarms to automatically "learn" each other as a system - they automatically detect one another and coordinate together. This eliminates the risk of interference from the neighbouring systems.

The Multiple Repeater Function The Ei168RC RadioLINK base unit now features a multiple repeater function as standard - this allows the radio signals to trave aling multiple paths. This multiple path capability allows the system to manage many RF impenetrable structures in the property, providing a more robust and reliable interconnection between all alarms in the system.

A Proven Technology The RadioLINK technology has been developed, designed, and manufactured by Ei Electronics - the first name in domestic fire safety for quality, performance, and reliability. This radio technology incorporated in the RadioLINK base is already widely proven in literally thousands of domestic applications, while the detection element consists of the best-selling Aico Ei160RC series or the Aico Ei140 series alarms - the most successful and popular designs in use today.

Planning for the future - future proof With this wireless technology from Aico, it is exceptionally fast, simple and cost-effective to change or add alarms and ancillary devices. If the requirements change, a RadioLINK system can be adapted easily to meet the new requirements.

When installing a mains powered smoke alarm system, how much time do u waste? With the Aico Easi-Fit installation system incorporated in the RadioLINK devices, you don't have to:

  • remove carpets - interconnecting the smoke alarms is vital, but it can also be consuming, highly disruptive and often damaging to the property. It does not have to be so, in a normal way! Easi-Fit solves that problem! No Removing of the Carpets!
  • lift the floorboards - you may need to channel into walls, rip up and then replace floorboards, install obtrusive trunking, make good any plaster damage, replace damaged wallpaper, repaint the surfaces, or even re-lay the carpets. The preparation and repair work can add hours to an installation. The Easi-Fit technology does not make this kind of mess/require you to go through this trouble! No Lifting Of The Floorboards!
  • have unsightly trunking - No Unsightly Trunking! You can now install a high quality mains powered alarm system in a small fraction of the normal time - and in the same time avoid all the mess, expense and time wasted with hard-wired interconnection - thanks to the RadioLINK technology!
You can overcome all these troubles with the RadioLINK technology! Read more about the RadioLINK technology on fire-detect.co.uk, read the RadioLINK Frequently Asked Questions (here also), and buy online Aico Fire Alarms - domestic alarms - with the RadioLINK technology integrated. Also, more details about the Easi-Fit technology can be found here. To help you in your choice of the domestic fire alarms, we also recommend the Domestic alarm selector, choosing what alarms to fit and where, based on BS 5839-6:2004.