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Intelligent dimmers with remote control, the Lutron Rania and Lutron Rania IR range

  2010-05-18         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
The Lutron Rania Dimmers(the Rania and Rania IR range) are also mentioned on the blog at the Lutron Rania IR dimmers(a short guide to the product family of InfraRed Rania), the Lutron Rania digital dimmers and their accessories, how to choose a Lutron Rania digital dimmer, and the Lutron rania with remote control and the multi-location dimming. Remember: the Lutron Dimmers offer you the mood you desire with a better quality of light! In your living room, you can pre-set the lighting controls to suit the way that you live – “Cinema”, “Homework”, “Entertaining”, “Cleaning”. Then with a hand-held remote control (or even your universal TV remote), you can change the ambience of your room without even leaving your chair.

The Lutron Rania Dimmers

  • Lights softly fade on and off;
  • Ultra-quiet intelligent dimmer;
  • LEDs indicate light level;
  • Double-tap to full on;
  • Dimmer memorises last level you chose;
  • One dimmer to control your lights – up to 10 locations (when you have accessory dimmers);
  • Single – 450W; Dual – 2 x 250W;
  • Buy online the Lutron Rania Dimmers.

The Lutron Rania IR Dimmers

  • Remote control – to change the light level at any time, from anywhere in the room;
  • Dimmer has all the benefits of the Rania on the page opposite;
  • Remote controls have a range of 10 metres (30 feet);
  • Single – 450W; Dual – 2 x 250W;
  • Buy online the Lutron Rania IR dimmers.

The Lutron Rania and Rania IR finishes

You can purchase online the Lutron Rania dimmers and the Lutron Rania IR dimmers(with their respective remote controls) - via the Lutron Wallbox Dimmers section.